Top 5 Favorite Beauty Vloggers

I’ve been in the blog world for quite some time now (almost 4 years!) and even before that was reading blogs for about a year. I’m constantly discovering new blogs on a variety of topics and my Feedly continues to grow with new subscriptions. However, over the past year, I’ve discovered the world of Vloggers, or video bloggers. In the past, I looked at YouTube as a place to watch movie trailers or viral videos, but that’s all changed since I discovered Beauty Vloggers. For many of the women I watch, vlogging is their full-time job which you can tell, due to their well-lit, skillfully edited videos. Watching them has certainly reignited my passion for beauty as you may be able to tell, and I’m now racking up Beauty Insider points at Sephora. Since I thought they might inspire you as well, here are my top-5 (er, 6) beauty vloggers. Oh, and I’m a bit of an Anglophile so many of them are British!

1. Fleur de Force


Fleur is a twenty-something beauty and fashion vlogger who is as personable as she is talented. She uploads videos every Monday and Friday and I always love her beauty and skincare recommendations. Lately she has been wearing her hair in the most amazing braids and I am determined to figure out how to do one on myself! I also love her sense of fashion as well and some of my favorite videos are her “Get Ready with Me” or her fashion hauls. She also has a vlog channel and her vlogs are always so fun as she takes the camera around with her throughout her exciting daily activities.

2. Glam Life Guru


Tati is the ultimate beauty guru. She used to be a full-time make-up artist and has worked at the counters of Bare Escentuals and MAC so she really knows her products well. She also is into drugstore beauty and has made me look at shopping for beauty at the drugstore completely differently. Before, I saw it only as a place to buy mascara, but through Tati I’ve learned that there are lots of dupes for high-end products on the shelves of CVS and Walgreens! She also posts videos 5 days a week which is amazing and every Thursday is Hot or Not Thursday where she gives you the real review of products, which is definitely my favorite feature of her channel.

3. Essie Button


Estee is a Canadian living in where-else, London! She comes off as totally real and is also hilarious. Her skin care suggestions are always amazing and it was through her that I discovered my favorite Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment. (I have the shade Berry but have been eyeing the Rose Extreme as well!) Like Fleur, Estee has a vlog channel as well, which are more “follow me around” type videos that feature her boyfriend Aslan and dog, Reggie. Their vlogs are some of my favorites to watch as they are always going and doing fun things around London which reminds me of my beloved study abroad time!

4. Amelia Liana


As many of the UK Beauty vloggers are friends, I discovered Amelia through Estee. Amelia is one of those girls who always looks flawless, both in her outfits and her makeup. She is the queen of the smoky eye and nude lip and has me considering using tape to create the perfect smoky eye like she does! She has great style and I love her fashion videos even if I can’t afford what she’s wearing! She also seems totally down to earth and sweet which really comes across in her videos. Oh and she has the cutest little fluffy dog, Duke who often makes an appearance in her videos.

5. Vivianna Does Make-Up/Lily Pebbles

Lily & Anna

I’m kind of cheating here as these are two separate youtubers, but I couldn’t narrow them down! I’m counting it as 5 though as they often do videos together like their monthly Beauty Chats. These are some of my favorite videos as they answer beauty questions they’ve been asked on Twitter and the videos were so popular that they just went on tour doing the same thing! They are also responsible for many of my recent favorite products! Anna made me fall in love with Ash booties and Nars Cruella lip pencil and Lily got me hooked on the Nars Creamy Radiant concealer.


-Do you watch any Beauty Vloggers?

-What’s a beauty product someone else convinced you to buy?

Spotted: Wardrobe Staples

My love for fashion began as a young girl and one of my favorite tasks was choosing my outfits. However, one thing that I constantly overlooked were polka dots. I’m not really sure what I had against them but they were never my favorite. Yet in recent years my views have changed and I think I’m making up for lost time. I now have multiple polka dot dresses and shirts all in the same black and white color scheme. There is something so classic, preppy and girly about polka dots that I just love and if Marc Jacobs said “there is never a wrong time for a polka dot,” then who am I to argue? What’s fun about this blouse is that it actually has both white and black polka dots on it when you look closely. I paired this closet staple with a few others… my favorite a-line black skirt, black crossbody bag and my black booties. These items are constantly in rotation in my wardrobe and after seeing British YouTuber Vivianna Does Makeup, rock her Ash booties all the time, I knew I needed them too. So tell me, what are some of your favorite wardrobe staples?

Spotted GGGF3

Spotted GGGF 1

Spotted 2 GGGF

Spotted GGGFWhat I’m wearing:

Blouse: J.Crew Factory (similar), Skirt: J.Crew Factory, Bag: Rebecca Minkoff (similar), Booties: Ash, Bracelet: LOFT, Sunglasses: Cole Haan (similar)