Oh Mr. Sun

Hi lovelies! I hope that you all had a great Monday and your week is off to a fantastic start! This is a busy week for me and I’ve definitely got my eye on the prize– this weekend! On Friday I leave to go to the Indianapolis 500 and am beyond excited. People are always surprised when they hear that I like Indy but I’ve been watching the race with my mom for years. It’s always been a dream to go and after getting tickets a year ago, Daddy Jeff, my mom and I are so ecstatic that it’s finally time!

I spent this past weekend in the sun celebrating a very special friend’s birthday in the park. We had a great time hanging out at Fort Mason eating some red velvet blondies and drinks and enjoying each others company. I had a perfect day but I brought a something unexpected home… the worst sunburn! My back and shoulders are bright red and incredibly painful. Since I’m pale I do have the tendency to burn but it’s been years since I’ve had a burn this bad.

The entire front of my body was “touched by the sun” during a past trip to the Bahamas

Since it’s almost summer (!!) I thought it’d be good  time to talk about proper sun care and how to have fun in the sun without taking home a nasty burn.

Before you go:

-Look for sunscreen with the Skin Cancer Foundation seal, and make sure it prtoects against UVA and UVB rays. There are three active ingredients to look for: PABA derivatives, titanium dioxide, or zinc oxide.

-Apply sunscreen half an hour before going out into the sun. Not only will it have time to soak in to the skin, but you won’t have to twist and turn awkwardly in public trying to rub it in those hard to reach places!

-Most people put on too little sunscreen and the correct amount to use is about 1 oz or a shot glass full.

While You’re There:

-Reapply sunscreen approximately every two hours and if you are sweating or in water, it may be necessary to apply more often. For a day in the sun one person should be using 1/4-1/2 of an 8 oz. bottle.

If you get “Touched by the Sun”:

-Get out of the sun as soon as possible at the first sign of pink. It takes a sunburn 4-6 hours to develop, so keep in mind that a little color can turn into a painful experience later.

-Moisturize! Take a cool shower if you can stand it and slather your skin with a moisturizing product- I’ve been living on aloe vera!

-Stay hydrated by drinking extra water, juice and sports drinks as the burn draws fluid from the surface and away from the body.

By following these tips you can spend time enjoying the beautiful weather and spending time with friends and family. These are all things I’m going to be doing this weekend!


-Have you had any bad sunburns?

-What’s your favorite thing to do in the warm weather?