Derby Day

Hi lovelies! Thank you all for your sweet comments on my last post– I truly am so lucky! I’m a little behind in updating you on my weekends but I’m finally getting around to posting about Derby Day! My sorority hosted an event at a local restaurant and bar in San Francisco to raise money for a local charity. Beforehand, my lovely friend Biz, who is seriously the hostess with the mostess had a pre-derby, mimosa and grilled cheese party! Rather than tell you about it in words, I’d rather show you in pictures (with captions of course!)

Derby ready in my big hat and pearls!

Mimosa bar with 6 different types of juices and assorted fruit! My favorite was the ruby red grapefruit!

Step 1: Pick your outsides, Step 2: Let’s get cheesy, Step 3: Top it Off, Step 4: Grill it up!
My favorite combo was the rosemary olive-oil sourdough with raclette cheese, apples and pesto! Mmm!

Gorgeous view from Biz’s roof!

Having some serious hat malfunctions due to the wind– at one point it flew onto an adjoining roof but was able to be retrieved thank goodness!

Some of the ladies, ready for the Derby! Biz, the fabulous hostess is to my right!

Mint juleps!

My beautiful friend Ashley with the donation “horse”

The event was so much fun and we had a chance to do some good as well as raise money for such a good cause. I also ended up taking home some money when my horse “I’ll Have Another” won the Derby! I have to admit- I actually missed the race because I was too busy chatting away… a common problem with me and sports. But regardless it was a great day with my girlfriends and I already can’t wait until next year… and am hoping I don’t have to wait that long before we can do another grilled cheese bar, because it was AMAZING.


-Did you celebrate Cinco de Mayo or the Derby?

-When was the last time that you dressed up for a theme?

-Do you pay attention during sports?