Scenes from the Weekend

Hi lovelies. I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend. Mine had a rocky start because I was feeling really yucky but thankfully I started feeling better and was able to enjoy my Grandma’s 88th birthday surprise celebration! We always do something fun for my Grandma’s birthday and last year went to Vegas! This year we stayed in town and had an amazing time and my Grandma was over the moon- just how everyone should feel on their birthday 🙂 Hope you all have a great Monday!


Ready for a change- shorter hair for summer!


A very surprised Grandma when she saw the limo!


The fam in front of the limo, ready to embark on Grandma’s special birthday!


My first time at the Tonga room and my Grandma’s first time back in over 40 years!


Queen of the Tonga room with her strawberry banana daiquiri!


I’m such a lucky Grandaughter to have the most amazing Grandma!!


Surprise round 2- Sound of Music the next day!


-When’s the last time you were in a limo?

-How was your weekend?


Sneak Peek

Hi lovelies! I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend and for those in California, enjoyed the absolutely gorgeous weather! As you know, I was in Vegas this weekend celebrating my Grandma’s 87th birthday. It was a PERFECT weekend and we had an incredible time. My Grandma said that it was “more amazing then she could have dreamed!” I had a huge surprise as well, as my brother who lives in Texas came too! It was so wonderful to be all together and I was so excited that he came. Since it’s been such a busy weekend I just wanted to check in and share with you a few pics but a full-recap and some great restaurant reviews are to come!

Super excited action shot!


-Give me a sneak peek of your weekend!

-What was your last surprise?