Weekend Wrap-Up & Restaurant Reviews Part 2

Hi lovelies! I hope that you all had an amazing weekend! I actually spent mine visiting my bestie in San Diego, but since I’m still recapping last weekend, that will have to come later. I’m so sorry that I have been so mia lately- it has been one of those times that life has been getting in the way. Consequently, it’s made me be a little more distant from GGG than I like, but I’m hoping that changes soon.

Now, when I last left you, B and I had enjoyed an amazing afternoon tea. We then headed home to re-group for a bit and change. I had been researching fun restaurants to go for weeks and made us reservations at a bunch of different places. But, considering our full stomachs and our desire to just sit on the couch and catch up (since we’d been going, going, going the whole day, it sounded amazing) we pushed back our reservations until 9:30. However, we ended up missing those too because we were being total girls and were enjoying taking time getting ready, having a little ‘what to wear’ fashion show and let’s face it, catching up some more. When we were finally ready we looked at the clock and saw it was already 10:45… a late dinner indeed! So, pretending we were just like the Europeans eating late, we ventured out on Chestnut street (an amazing street in the Marina) and decided on Delerosa for dinner.

With very low lighting and communal tables, this restaurant was hopping at 10:45 which we took as a very good sign. I started with of white wine that was delicious but quite possibly the smallest pour and B had a beer. Although everything on the menu looked amazing, I had been told that we absolutely had to have their Marguerhita pizza with Buratta. Since that was going to be the star of the show, we tried to pick our appetizer accordingly and went for the Carpaccio of sliced gold and red beets with shaved ricotta salata and truffle. I went into the appetizer not thinking I liked beets and left being a fan. The thin pieces of beet paired with the truffle and cheese was the most flavorful, delicious combination! We didn’t want to fill up on the starter, but I had a hard time not over-eating! And then it was time for the main event…

This was quite possibly one of the top-5 best pizzas I have ever had. The buratta was creamy and flavorful and the crust was super thin and delicious. I can see why this is such a crowd pleaser and I know it is something that I will definitely order again! We were too full to finish the pizza, so we shared it with some diners next to us! I’m usually not a communal table kind of girl, but it ended up being really fun! (Not to mention, our dinner neighbors also let me taste their butternut squash ravioli and being so squash obsessed, how could I refuse?

Then it was time to go out! Since it was Fleet Week, the Marina was extra crowded and there were men in uniform everywhere. It made the night even more fun and of course, we couldn’t resist taking at least one picture…

After a fun night out at the bars, we called it a night and went home. Of course, the night didn’t really end there as we ended up staying up until 4 am talking… but when you only have one night to spend with your best friend, what else would you do? It made our 7 am wake-up call a little brutal, but was a wonderful whirlwind visit nonetheless.


-What’s on your ideal pizza?

-Do your research restaurants before you visit or just pick them randomly?