Foodie Pen Pals Round 2

Hi lovelies! I hope that you all had a great weekend. I had such a fantastic weekend and although Vegas was a blast, it was great to be back in SF. The weather was perfect, the company was great and lots of fun things occurred that I can’t wait to tell you about in the coming days.

But since it’s the last day of the month (seriously, where did April go?) it is a Foodie Pen Pal posting day! I participated for the first time last month and enjoyed the experience so much, that I had to do it again! This time around I was matched up with Erin from Recimplicity so check out her blog to see what I sent her and see all the rest of the Foodie Pen Pals entries for even more fun.

This month I got a fabulous box of goodies from another Emily– from Cap City Lady. Emily is from Ohio and all of the contents of my box were locally made! I love trying new-to-me products and these were all especially fun since they were from her hometown! I always say that the best way to experience a new place is through the food, and now I feel like I’ve gotten a taste of Ohio!

This box was full of some delicious treats, including special chocolates (the dark chocolate cashew patties were amazing) and potato chips. I have to admit that I’d never heard of marcelled potato chips and had to look it up to understand that it referred to the wavy-style chip.

Emily also included a recipe for some amazing-sounding Key Lime cookies that I cannot wait to make. One of the ingredients in the cookies is pineapple-lime jam, which is such a unique combination! She also sent me some all-natural peanut butter that accidentally went unpictured!

The box was amazing and thank you so much Emily for being such a wonderful Foodie Pen Pal! Do you want to join in on the fun? Here’s a little more info about the program:

To participate, just click here and fill out the participation form. It must be completed by May 4th to participate this month.


-If you were sending someone one local food product from your town, what would you send?

-Do you still get things in the mail?