Scenes from the Weekend

Hi lovelies! I hope that you all had a fabulous weekend! They always go too fast, don’t they? I had a great time this weekend and was feeling good the whole time! This might seem commonplace for some, but for me, this is a true celebration! And it was an especially good thing because I had some fun plans. As I mentioned, I went to see Jersey Boys with San Francisco Delta Gamma Alumnae group and we had a great time! I love musicals (this was my second this week after Sound of Music for my Grandma’s birthday) and this was no different. I’d heard great things about it and it didn’t disappoint. It did however, have a slightly different musical format than I’m used to. Rather than the characters singing songs as dialogue and to progress the story, the music in Jersey Boys are songs that the Four Seasons sang, so they didn’t relate as much to the story. But it was still very enjoyable and I had a great time with my friends- it’s always such a pleasure to get dressed up and go to the theater! I’m hoping someday I can find a guy who will enjoy it too. 😉 Then the next day my gals and I went to Foreign Cinema for brunch and had a lovely time. It was so fun to be all together again and we had so much to catch up on. The food was delicious, the space was beautiful and the company was exceptional! After a fun brunch I met up with my parents and we did a little pre-wedding shopping and I finally found a rehearsal dinner dress, yay! Then on Sunday I went over to my sister-in-law-to-be’s house and we did a few pre-wedding activities as well which was so much fun! I’m so excited that we will soon be family- she’s amazing. And then the weekend ended watching my new tv obsession Mr. Selfridge (fans of Downton Abbey-you will love it!) and enjoying a sweet treat! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a great start to your work week!

Excited for the show to begin!

Excited for the show to begin!


The gorgeous Curran Theater… they just don’t make ’em like they used to

Ladies who brunch

Ladies who brunch

My first time trying coconut milk ice cream and it was DELISH!

My first time trying coconut milk ice cream and it was DELISH!


-What’s your favorite play or musical?

-What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

GGG Restaurant Review: Straw

Hi lovelies! Happy Wednesday and congrats on being halfway through the week! In San Francisco we’ve had gorgeous weather lately and I think everyone is starting to be in summer-mode.

A few weeks away I went to brunch with my girlfriends in Hayes Valley at Straw. I first heard about Straw from Kelly at Pine to the Pacific when she went a few months back. This carnival themed restaurant is super small but seemed like the perfect place to gather up my girlfriends for brunch after a night out on the town. Now, this is not a healthy restaurant- I’m just putting it out there because you have to go in knowing that everything is decadent… and delicious. After my last review of Serendipity it might seem hard to believe that this is a healthy living blog anymore. But I promise that in between these splurges, lots of healthy salads, greek yogurt and green juice are being eaten in the background!

Adorable menus in a file folder- such an easy DIY!

We started off the meal with Strawberry Basil Lemonades (served in mason jars, making them even cuter) which were absolutely delicious and refreshing. They weren’t too sweet or tart and I was very sad when I’d gotten to the bottom of my glass! For my entree, I was tempted by lots of things on the menu but ultimately went with the grilled cheese which was voted one of 7x7s best grilled cheeses in San Francisco! This grilled cheese is made with smoked cheddar and swiss and… wait for it… a parmesan crust. It was served with creamy tomato soup (complete with goldfish crackers) and sweet potato tater-tots and blackberry bbq sauce.

The grilled cheese was as phenomenal as 7×7 had made it out to be but the real star of the show in my eyes were the tots and bbq sauce. I rarely eat fried food so it doesn’t usually appeal to me but these are something special and I wish I had that sauce at home to dip veggie burgers in! But of course, at a place like this, trying one thing is simply not enough. So I ordered a Whack-A-Mole for the table, also known as: red velvet Belgian waffle with vanilla cream cheese frosting and seasonal fruit.

It was absolutely fantastic though sadly we were all too full to take more than one bite! The red velvet flavor was light but not overpowering and the frosting tasted just like the stuff on top of a cupcake. All in all it was a lovely day and I’m so glad my girlfriends and I got to do a fun brunch together. Brunch is one of my favorite meals and I always look forward to trying new restaurants and chatting about the evening before!


-What’s your favorite meal to share with friends?

-What kind of carnival food would you like to see on the menu?

-Have you ever had a cake-inspired breakfast?

GGG Restaurant Review: Mama’s on Washington Square

Hi lovelies! Happy first day of December! It’s hard to believe it is now officially the holidays but now I can justify listening to Glee Christmas, *NSync and Mariah Carey on repeat which is always a good thing in my book! Last night though to celebrate the last night of November, I made myself my first pumpkin protein smoothie for dinner and it was delicious!

Smoothies are the perfect dinner for me sometimes when I get home from work late and just need some fuel quickly. Although smoothies are sometimes considered a breakfast food, breakfast on weekdays for me are fast and furious. But on the weekends, breakfast or more accurately, brunch, becomes my favorite meal of the day. Surprising to some because I don’t eat eggs, but really it’s just an excuse to get carbby. Which is exactly what I did when my girlfriends and I went to Mamas for brunch.

The slow moving line...

Mama’s is a true San Francisco brunch establishment in North Beach that has been there for over fifty years. They are known as much for their incredible menu as they are for the perpetual line around the block. I’ve always wanted to try it but standing in line on an empty stomach never sounded too appealing. But despite the pouring rain, we grabbed our umbrellas and braved the rain for two hours!

Once we finally made it to the front of the line we were ecstatic and had passed the time chatting away so the line actually went pretty fast! Of course much of this discussion was devoted debating what we were going to order for brunch so by the time I got inside, I knew that one of their amazing french toast creations was in my future.

A little cold and damp but so excited to finally be in the front of the line!

Mama’s actually has a great system because once the line continues inside (yes, we were sad to find this out) you order and pay and are then seated. That way, by the time you sit down all you are doing is waiting for your food and eating! I was tempted to go for the chocolate cinnamon french toast but then at the last-minute I decided to go for the french toast sampler and home potatoes… yes, I went all out.

Words can't even describe...

The best breakfast potatoes I have ever had in my life

The french toast sampler included 3 different flavors: banana bread, chocolate cinnamon and cranberry orange walnut. I had expected the chocolate cinnamon to be my favorite but I actually could not get enough of their seasonal cranberry orange flavor. It was absolutely delicious! Unfortunately, I got too full to do more than taste the others but that one was definitely the best! The other incredible thing? The breakfast potatoes! I never order breakfast potatoes but these were so tasty that my self-control went out the window!

I’ve heard that everything on the menu is fabulous and my friend Katie ordered hands down the best crumb cake we’ve ever had and what she thought was a delicious eggs benedict. Although the wait is certainly long, it is definitely worth it a fabulous San Francisco experience. Just a warning that the line is always that way- even on weekdays, but grab some friends and it will go by in no time! 🙂


-Have you ever stood in a long line to get food?

-Which french toast flavor would have been your favorite?

-What’s your favorite meal of the day?