Restaurant Reviews

Now where did that cupcake go??

Please note that the restaurant reviews below were from before I was gluten-free. I have started featuring Gluten-Free Spotlights on restaurants and as I publish more, they will be added to this page and separated from the below, making it easier to differentiate the two if you follow a gluten-free diet. 

San Francisco

DOSA on Fillmore (Indian)

Gamine on Union (French)

Hillstone on the Embarcadero (American)

Txoko (Basque) 

Mama’s on Washington Square (American/Brunch)

Delerosa (Italian)

Straw (American/Brunch)

Betelnut (Asian)


Della Santina’s (Italian) 

Los Angeles

KTCHN 105 (American)

Bottega Louie (Italian)

New York

Sarabeth’s Central Park South (American/Brunch)

Las Vegas

Serendipity 3 (American)

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