Quite the Contrast

Hi lovelies! Happy, happy Friday! I hope that you all have some great weekend plans in store. Are any of you watching the Superbowl on Sunday? Or better yet, making anything delicious for super bowl parties?

Last night as I started baking for a Girl’s night that I’m attending tonight, I got to thinking about the stark contrast between my two forays into cooking this week. I’ll let the photos (mostly) speak for themselves but tell you this– it’s all part of the healthy living balance and both were equally enjoyed!

I saw this recipe for Butternut Squash Quinoa on Pinterest and knew it would be the perfect one-dish meal. Healthy grains + veggies + cheese? Yes, please! This is gluten-free and could be dairy-free or vegan and was well received by all who tried it! I will definitely be making this again as it tasted decadent but was healthy!

And on the only decadent side, we come to what I took out of the oven at midnight last night… “Slutty Brownies” which were obviously another Pinterest find! I’ll post finished pictures on Monday but here’s a little preview…

Layer 1:

Layer 2:

Layer 3:

I hope everyone likes them! I’ll be sure to report back! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


-What’s your favorite healthy thing to make?

-What’s your favorite decadent recipe to make?

-Any Superbowl Sunday plans?

And I’m Off

Hi lovelies!! I hope that your week is going fabulously! I’ve been waiting for this week to go by quickly because this weekend I am headed to San Diego!

But first, I had to pack… and I get serious packing anxiety. Whenever I am faced with something I have to pack for, 1 of 2 things happens… I find myself getting very tired or I procrastinate. So tonight I did the latter. After a little retail therapy (new clothes always make packing so much easier) I came home and got settled…

Chuck and Blaire belong together!


… and watched Gossip Girl! And yes, it was worth every minute of time wasted. If any of you are GG fans, can we please discuss?! Such a cliffhanger!

And then I decided that I finally had to face reality, so after a fashion show, texting my best friend outfit pictures incessantly (what, you don’t do that?) and packing way too much, I only have a few things to add after I finish this post!

Oh and remember this party

Well after months spent in boot camp, my little brother is graduating on Friday! I am so excited to see him after months of not seeing or talking to him! I’ve also never been to a military graduation but hear that they are pretty amazing!

I’m also so excited to see my best friend this weekend who is going to grad school in SD! It will be so fun to be reunited!

My last SD visit

And now because I’m writing this post the night before (currently 12:06!) I better finish packing! Hope that you all have a wonderful weekend!


-What’s your guilty pleasure tv show?

-Are you a good packer?

-What are you up to this weekend?

Texas Sneak Peek

Hi Y’all, I’m officially back from Dallas! This past extended weekend was so wonderful and I had such a great time with my brother. It’s been a very hectic travel day (I’ve been in the airport and on a plane for 9 hours due to travel issues and multiple stops on my way home.)

Now that I’m back I need to unpack some and get ready to go back to work! So for now, I’ll leave you with a few pictures of this weekend:

Just a few shots from the weekend (and no, that is not my hat but I had to take a pic) but I’ll be back later with a full post and hope to catch up on my blog reading as well!