Gluten-Free Spotlight: Counter Burger

Hi lovelies! I hope that you all had a fabulous weekend! Unfortunately this weekend was spent feeling pretty yucky on my part due to some cupcakes. How can yummy cupcakes be the cause of anything negative you ask? Well it turns out the cupcakes that a restaurant assured me were both gluten-free and vegan were only gluten-free but definitely contained dairy. I thought it tasted slightly richer than I’m used to when eating but didn’t think much else about it. Until 20 minutes later when I got terribly sick. Unfortunately those effects lasted for 3 days and now I’m finally happy to be feeling better. It’s hard to believe that something I used to enjoy so much (I was a huge cheese & fro yo fan) now causes me so much pain. But it did serve as a reminder as to why I’m eating the healthy, clean way that I do. And speaking of that, I wanted to share with you about a fabulous meal I had a few weeks ago!

If you aren’t familiar with Counter Burger, they are the ultimate burger restaurant. You pick and choose from a list of 50+ things what you want on your burger which ranges from sundried tomato pesto to marinated artichokes. They seriously have everything! And when I say everything, I mean everything- including a new gluten-free menu complete with gluten-free buns! Those of you that are gluten-free out there understand just how exciting it is to go to a restaurant and be able to have your burger or sandwich on bread, rather than wrapped in lettuce! The buns they use are actually Udi’s GF hamburger buns and they were so accommodating to show me the list of ingredients so I could ensure it was safe for me!

GF burgers for two!

GF burgers for two!

For my burger I went with a gluten-free bun, turkey burger patty, mixed greens, carrots and cranberries! I always like my sandwiches and burgers on the simple side so this was perfect for me! They also have both sweet potato and regular french fries that are gluten-free but because I don’t eat fried foods I went with the grilled veggies which were absolutely delicious! (Note: If you are corn-sensitive like me, the grilled veggies normally come with corn so be sure to ask that they leave that off.)

photo (6)

You would never guess that it is gluten-free!

All in all, it was an absolutely delicious meal and so fun to have something different! I feel like for those of us who are gluten-free/dairy-free (and a whole host of other things in my case) going out to eat can mean eating the same things over and over again- but this was something unique for my taste buds! I also love that they have a specific gluten-free menu as it makes ordering so much easier without all the guess work that is usually involved.


-Have you been to Counter Burger?

-What are your favorite burger toppings?

4 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Spotlight: Counter Burger

  1. Dear GGG–

    You’ve doubtless helped so many people in need of guidance as to what and where they can safely eat without fear of illness. Thanks so much!!!!!


  2. I’m so sorry about the cupcake experience! I sure hope you’re feeling better now! ❤

    Counter Burger sounds AMAZING! I'd never heard of it until I read this post, but now I really want to give it a try! I'm going to hop on over to their website once I'm finished here, and see if there are any in the DC area. If not, I guess I have yet another reason to visit the Bay Area. 😉

    I love pesto anything, so the sun-dried tomato pesto you mentioned would be an ingredient I'd definitely add to my burger. I'd also add avocado, cheese, and caramelized onions! Mmm. And I LOVE that they offer GF buns! I haven't found a burger place anywhere near me that does that!

    Happy Tuesday, Emily! Hugs! ❤ xoxo

  3. Yumm that looks delicious!! I’m so glad you were able to find a new place to accommodate your eating requirements!

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