Scenes from the Weekend

Hi lovelies! I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend. I was originally supposed to go away this past weekend but given my recent health issues, I decided that it was best to stay home and relax. I’ve been trying to really decrease my activities lately so that I can recover from this and my hope is that soon I’ll be back on my feet and going full steam ahead like I’m used to. In the interim though, I’m trying to focus on resting! One great resting activities is going to the movies and I was really excited to see Admission this weekend. I read the book and enjoyed so I was looking forward to seeing Paul Rudd and Tina Fey’s interpretation. I must say that I didn’t really like it. I mean it was ok, but if you read the book it was kind of the polar opposite. The book is almost 500 pages, serious in nature and there are secrets that aren’t revealed until 2/3rds of the way through. The movie however took a much lighter perspective, would only give a line about what in the book was a complex story and introduced the secrets in the very beginning of the movie. It wasn’t that it was bad, but it was just kind of a disappointment. To counter that though, I watched my absolute favorite book-turned movie, One Day. If you haven’t seen it, put it on your to-see list because it is fabulous! With Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess, the movie and book explores the characters relationship on one day over the course of twenty years. It’s just amazing. And now that I’ve rambled a bit, let me show you some other scenes from the weekend.


With the warm weather I’ve once again become addicted to Unsweetened Passion teas… I’ve had one every day this weekend! But considering I haven’t had coffee since November I think this is an ok indulgence!


A fabulous Saturday afternoon pedicure with great reading material and an even better friend by my side… my mom!


A wonderful Palm Sunday at church celebrating the first day of Holy Week


Adorable bunny topiary made it feel like Spring!

One other event that was unpictured was watching the first Indy race of the season in St. Petersburg, Florida! I rushed home from church to catch the second half on tv (my dvr hasn’t been working, ugh) and it was such an amazing race! My favorite driver Scott Dixon did an amazing job and it was an exciting race all around! I’ve been missing Indy in my life and I’m so glad that the season has finally started. Just don’t ask me about March Madness because I don’t know a thing about it… I’m too busy watching Indy!


-What did you do this weekend?

-How do you feel about books being turned into movies?

2 thoughts on “Scenes from the Weekend

  1. Passion tea! Oh, how I love it! It’s still waaaay too chilly for iced drinks in DC, but I’m praying that warm weather will be heading our way soon. I’m glad you’re enjoying the spring-like temperatures in the Bay Area!

    Bummer about Admission! I was really looking forward to seeing it, especially because I adore Tina Fey and Paul Rudd. I haven’t read the book, though, so maybe I’ll find it a bit more enjoyable for me? There aren’t many movies (if any!) that I like more than their literary version–it’s just too hard to capture the detail in a movie! That said, it’s always fun to see the characters come to life. I’ve learned to go into adapted movies with low expectations, otherwise I usually walk away a little disappointed!

    A pedicure with you mom sounds like a perfect relaxing weekend activity! I hope to do the same with my mom when I go home next week!

    I hope you’re starting to feel better…Email me if you ever want to chat! I know we’d have lots to talk about! Hugs ❤ xoxo

  2. I usually find I like books much better than movies too. Sometimes I don’t even want to read the book if I know I’m going to see the movie because it makes me appreciate the movie less, if that makes sense. One Day sounds really good and I’m going to add it to my reading list 🙂 Also, stop me if I’ve told you this before, but I went to Indianapolis for the Indy 500 a few years ago and it was awesome!! Definitely worth the trip if you’re into that stuff 🙂

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