An Exciting Opportunity

Hi lovelies! I hope that you are all having a great week! We are half-way to the weekend and I’m delighted about this fact. I intended to check in with you all on Monday and wrote a Restaurant Review but my internet went out when I was about to post and none of my work saved! So frustrating but I won’t be making that mistake again! Happily, it seems to be working now but I’m cautiously writing this post keeping my fingers crossed it stays put.

As the title suggests, I have a very exciting opportunity and am hoping you, my blog family can help me out! Yesterday, I entered People’s Real Beauty contest. As an avid reader, I noticed this contest a while back and thought it sounded like a fabulous idea. In their most beautiful issue where they feature the celebrities, they have decided to add a section on real women. As so many times our standards of what is beautiful are skewed by magazines, I think more emphasis on what real people look like is a great step forward. After a tough few weeks of health issues, I decided yesterday that I needed a little fun in my life and decided to enter.

Featured on People

So here’s where all of you come in! Part of the contest is having ‘faves’ or having people like my picture. It’s super simple, you don’t have to sign up for anything and it’s akin to liking something on Facebook. Just click the pink heart and you’re done! Also, you can vote multiple times if you click on the link again and again, which is of course, encouraged. It would mean so much to me if you all participated and passed it along to your social networks! Also, just to note, it takes a moment for my picture to pop up so just give it a second. It’s an amazing opportunity and if I won I’d get to go to NYC for a photoshoot and be featured in People mag- a total dream come true!

Here’s the link:

If you’d like to tweet about it for me you could say this: Check out this real beauty pic on @PEOPLEmag! Vote for Emily @emilyatGGG  #RealBeauty

Thank you all again so much for your support! I’ll be sure to report back if I make it to the Final Round!

P.S. I’ll have to do an outfit post with the above soon too!

5 thoughts on “An Exciting Opportunity

  1. I voted once, but didn’t realize I could vote every day! I’ll be heading over there now to give you another click! I’m so happy you’re doing this, Emily–you’re GORGEOUS both inside and out, and definitely deserve to be featured!

    Also, I wanted to thank you for the sweet comment you left on my blog the other day; it really meant a lot! I may shoot you an email later this week or next with a few questions about your journey. I hope you’re feeling better! ❤ xoxo

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