Scenes from the Weekend

Hi lovelies! I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend! I continued to take it a little easy this weekend but still had a lot of fun. On Friday night it was my dear friend Katie’s birthday and we gathered at her recently remodeled apartment for a lovely birthday dinner party! It was so much fun catching up with the girls and I had a blast. Early the next morning I piled in car with my mom, Grandma and my mom’s best friend and headed to my sister-to-be’s bridal shower! It was such a wonderful day and this was the start of many of the fun wedding activities to come! Sunday was spent doing errands and taking care of some projects that have been swept aside. Never that enjoyable to do but it is nice to feel accomplished and ready for the week. Have a great Monday!








-Have you been to a bridal shower?

-What did you do this weekend?

8 thoughts on “Scenes from the Weekend

  1. This looks like such a fun bridal shower! I love the table display and the tissue paper in the champagne classes. I gotta say though… this is making me feel like a bit of a slacker because I’m technically my mom’s made of honor for her wedding in May. I haven’t done anything to help with the wedding, but I’m hoping that’s just because I’m down in LA and only 20 years old 😉

    • Jumping in to comment on this one. So UNFAIR Nicole was named MOH, she has no experience! I’ve been to two bridal showers, both of which I helped plan a little… my mom’s not thinking straight 🙂

      You look gorgeous in the pink/coral lace dress! Where did you find it??

  2. What a fun weekend, Emily! Your newly remodeled apartment looks beautiful! It sounds like you had a great birthday celebration for Katie; I’m drooling over that cake! Oh, and do I spy anchors on her t-shirt? 😉

    The bridal shower was beautifully put together! The appetizer spread looks delicious, and I love the pink tissue paper touches—especially in the champagne glasses. So cute! Your dress is adorable, too! Where did you find it?

    Hope you’re having a wonderful week! ❤ xoxo

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