Love One Another

Hi lovelies! I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend and were able to spend time with family and friends. I’m sorry for my absence last week- I sprained my knee which took me out of commission for a bit and had something going every night after work. Needless to say, it was a little bit of a crazy week. Today though, I feel like I can’t talk about something silly or catch you up on my weekend. That will resume in my next post, but I feel this one needs to be much more serious.

What happened in Connecticut on Friday was horrific. I just don’t think there is a better word to explain it. Second to Virginia Tech, this school shooting was the second largest in U.S. history. This tragedy is so absolutely devastating that I’m sure to most it doesn’t even feel real. And yet, I can’t stop thinking about those families on that Friday morning. The children waking up, starting to look at their presents under the tree and excited to Christmas crafts at school, the administrators rejoicing that it was Friday who were thinking of all the things on their to-do lists. And then it was all taken away in an instant. For the students that survived, their parents and the teachers, life will never be the same and they will carry this with them always. For everyone involved and their families, it will go down as the worst day of their lives.

Devastating events like this remind us all of how precious and short life is. It’s too short to hold grudges or be mean to one another, too short to be so bogged down we forget about the important things, too short to not tell each and every person that we love them. So today, I’m telling you- I love you all my fabulous followers, friends and family. I feel so lucky to have such an amazing community here on my little side of the internet and am so thankful for all your support. So go out, and let people know how much you care about them. Be kind and loving to one another and in all that you do.

3 thoughts on “Love One Another

  1. Thank you for this post. Like you, I am truly horrified by the events that occurred on Friday. I just texted everyone in my family to tell them how much I love them. It’s such a sad time, but in addition to mourning the loss of those precious lives we need to remember to appreciate the lives we are lucky to still have.

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