Oyster Shucking in Tomales Bay

Hi lovelies! I hope that you all had a lovely weekend! Did any of you go to Christmas parties this weekend? My sorority alumni group had a party yesterday and it was so much fun! In addition to the usual festivities, one of our members is a cake pop making expert and gave us a lesson! It was great and I can’t wait to give them a shot soon myself. This was a busy weekend though and the day before all of my friends got together for a little day trip. My friend Biz planned for us all to drive to Tomales Bay which is about an hour and a half from SF, for a fun day of oyster shucking and eating. I don’t actually eat oysters (and can’t have shellfish right now per doctor’s orders) so for me it was more shucking and chatting. Everyone brought delicious dishes to share and I made a quinoa salad that was so easy and super yummy! I’ll have to share the recipe soon. We got so lucky that not only was it not raining, but it was such a beautiful day! It was such a relaxing and fun day- then again, with this group, every time we hang out is wonderful!

My "outdoorsy" outfit!

My “outdoorsy” outfit!


Ladies in vests

Ladies in vests



Candid moment mid-shuck… it was surprisingly hard!

Oysters on the BBQ with all the fixins

Oysters on the BBQ with all the fixins

Group shot

Group shot



-Do eat oysters or shellfish?

-Have you ever shucked an oyster?

4 thoughts on “Oyster Shucking in Tomales Bay

  1. This looks like so much fun!! My family loves oysters (my grandpa always shucks them for us) but I haven’t really embraced them myself yet lol. I’ll usually have one “just to try it” but I’m not a huge fan haha. I do LOVE other shellfish though, even though my boyfriend is allergic 😦

  2. What a fun weekend activity! I’ve only shucked oysters once, and remember it being a very challenging–and frustrating–experience! I may or may not have given up after my first attempt. However, in my defense, I was only 10-years-old; I think it’s high time that I give it another shot. πŸ˜‰

    I actually really enjoy oysters, but it took me awhile to get there! They’re one of many foods that has grown on me over the years, but they’re not even close to being a favorite (and probably never will be!). I always squirm a bit as they slide down my throat!

    I’m looking forward to that quinoa recipe…I just bought a new bag today, and would love to try using it in a new way! Enjoy the rest of your week, Emily! ❀

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