Let’s Do Something

Hi lovelies! I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend! It’s the final workweek stretch for some of us, and some of you lucky few might be already on vacation and spending time with family and friends. My weekend was the perfect combo of relaxing and productive and yesterday I finished the grocery shopping for all of the Thanksgiving recipes. As I was walking around the stores, adding items to my cart, I couldn’t help but think of all those who would love to be “stressed” about finding their ingredients in a store. Those who would love to spend hours over the stove in order to produce a meal for their family. Those who would be ecstatic that their family had something to eat, on Thanksgiving and beyond. To me, it just wouldn’t feel right thinking about enjoying a meal with my family without thinking of all of these people. I feel extraordinarily blessed (a post devoted to that coming on Wednesday!) and it’s important for me to share that with others. But I get it- we all have so much going on this time of the year and are swamped with commitments that adding one more thing to our plates seems too daunting. Luckily, supermarkets are making it easier than ever this year. Here are a few of the programs I encountered today and some I discovered online.

  • Sprouts & Whole Foods Grab N’ Give Program

As you can see in the above, Sprouts is making it incredibly easy to give this season. You simply choose a pre-packed bag that you would like to donate. The bags come at a handful of different pricepoints (the one’s I saw were between $9-$20) and you can see on the receipt of the bag what items are being donated. I have to admit- I was a little picky about which bag I chose. I wanted one that contained staples for a healthy meal but one that would also feel like a little more of a treat or something special. They make it so easy too since they can take care of the donation for you!

At Whole Foods, you pick the meal you would like to donate- Breakfast ($5), Lunch ($10), Dinner ($10) or a day of meals ($25). All you have to do is add the amount to your total when checking out and Whole Foods will pack a healthy meal for a family and a local food bank (each store is partnered with local organizations) will come and pick up the meals for the families!

  • Ralph’s Bringing Hope to the Table

Ralphs grocery stores are offering two opportunities to help those less fortunate over the holidays. First, there will be collection canisters at checkstands for you to give your spare change. If you rarely have change or cash like I do, you can use a scan card that comes in $1, $3, or $5 denominations to add to your bill. This money will go to local food banks and Feeding America. Note: As I was researching this, I read that Ralphs donated 1 million pounds of perishable food to Southern California food banks this year which amounts to about 850,000 meals! Pretty incredible!

  • Safeway Help Us End Hunger Food Drive

Safeway has a similar format as Sprout’s program in that from now until December 25, you can buy a bag of pre-packaged food for a needy family for only $10. Even more amazing, it’s reported that each bag will provide 7-8 meals for a hungry family, an amount that so many of us spend on lunch! This past weekend, NBC Bay Area actually partnered with this program and on Saturday, an incredible 26,929 bags of food were purchased! It’s amazing to see this support but it’s important to keep the momentum up through the rest of the holiday season!

So get out there and while you are shopping to feed your family, consider making a donation to feed another family as well. Hunger in America exists for over 50 million people- that’s 1 in 6 people. Let’s do something about it together.


-Know of any great programs at your grocery store?

4 thoughts on “Let’s Do Something

  1. This is great! I had no idea these were available and so easy to participate in. Now I know where I should get my groceries for Thanksgiving!! Thanks 🙂

  2. Great post!! And such great programs! I will have to look at my grocery stores to see if they have one!
    For Christmas, I’m going through my Junior League chapter and get to pick out gifts for those who are less fortunate but are making good grades at school! Pretty excited about that one 🙂

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