What to Wear Wednesday: Leather and Leopard

Hi lovelies! I hope that you all had a great Tuesday and went out and VOTED!! The political science major in me gets very excited for elections and exercising this amazing privilege we have as Americans. Rather than discuss the results of the election (though you’ve probably seen my opinions on twitter) I wanted to share with you an amazing story I heard about. Yesterday, a 108-yr-old woman, voted for the first time. She can’t read or write but she watched the debate and for the first time in her life wanted to vote in them. When I voted yesterday I saw lots of elderly people at the polls too and it felt so inspiring that these people who have seen so many changes in this country, are devoted to exercising their right and making a difference. I just hope that my generation will start following their lead!

Now, enough about the election- let’s talk about fashion 😉 From the sound of this post title it seems like my outfit might be a little racy, but as you’ll see below combining leather and leopard does not have to be racy. Instead, I wore this outfit to work one day. Like planning an outfit around a sock bun before, this outfit revolved around a top knot. I knew that this messy hair required an outfit that was a little edgy so the first piece I picked out was my black blazer with leather details and strong shoulders. I actually bought this blazer for an interview years ago (I work in a creative industry) and had no idea how leather would catch on! To keep the look casual I paired it with dark denim and to spice it up, I added my favorite new leopard shoes.

Blazer: Express (old), Tank: LOFT, Jeans: LOFT, Necklace: LOFT, Heels: Target

As a new feature, I thought it’d be helpful to link you to items to “shop” my look! I figured if I can’t find my exact piece than I’d give you both higher and more affordable options.

Blazer: Elizabeth and James // Forever 21

Tank: LOFT (I have 3 of these exact tanks at home- but it’s something that I always grab for!)

Jeans: LOFT (similar)

Heels: Steve Madden // Target (similar)



-What are some of your statement pieces?

-How do you remix traditional business clothes?

3 thoughts on “What to Wear Wednesday: Leather and Leopard

  1. YOUR SHOES!! So fun! I would love to rock those at work–or during a night on the town! Living in Washington, DC, I’ve become accustomed to the very trend-less attire; so many people work in government or international development, where they’re expected to wear modest (read: BORING) clothing. We’ve been voted one of the least creative cities in the country in terms of style. Come help us dress better, please?!

    I love how your gold necklace (want!) compliments the gold-ish color in your shoes. And your leather-trimmed blazer adds a little edge to what is usually a very standard piece. Perfect!

    Thanks for sharing the story about the 108-year-old first-time voter—how inspiring! I hope that I’m still going to the polls at that age! Happy almost weekend! xoxoxo

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