Do You Know the Muffin (Wo)man?

Hi lovelies, I hope that you have had a wonderful weekend. I’m sorry for my absence last week- work was extremely busy and then I was down for the count with a horrible migraine. Luckily, I’m back up and running and happy to be back connecting with all of you!

I realized this weekend that there is something that I haven’t shared with you yet- my love of muffins. You all know that I love a carby breakfast, but what I never order but always want to, is a good muffin. My love started as a kid in Sacramento as many Sundays after church, my family would stop at this little cafe Muffins Etc. This place served up at least 20 different muffins, my favorite of which was the Cappuccino Chocolate Chip muffin. This was, without a doubt, the most delicious muffin I’ve ever had. It had the perfect amount of coffee flavor and was generously studded with chocolate chips. But then one day they were gone, and muffins weren’t trendy anymore. A sad for all.

Luckily, there were still those dense, enormous chocolate muffins with chocolate chips at school functions. But as I grew up and started watching what I ate, muffins were cut out. Then, as bakeries began to stock them again, they became extra large and containing as many calories as 2 meals! Scary! So what’s a muffin-loving girl who wants to avoid a muffin top to do? Why make her own! For my recent book club brunch, we were supposed to bring something healthy and delicious. I knew that muffins were on the docket, so I turned to some of my favorite blogs seeking out a healthy recipe.

Looking through (and pinning) so many recipes, I finally decided to make Skinny Taste’s Oatmeal Blueberry Muffins. Hailed by her husband as the best muffins he had ever had, I knew I picked a winner. These muffins are delicious and generously studded with blueberries (sense a theme here? I like my mix-ins aplenty!) Plus they are so easy to make and full of ingredients that most of you will have at home. They’re low in sugar, made with heart healthy oats and whole wheat flour, and each muffin is only 126 calories! Now that’s my kind of muffin. Make these and everyone will be a fan. Oh, and they make the perfect morning breakfast especially when slathered with almond butter.


-Do you like muffins? What’s your favorite kind?

-What foods do you like that aren’t trendy?

-Have any other healthy muffin recipes? Link me!

6 thoughts on “Do You Know the Muffin (Wo)man?

  1. I love muffins- but never ever buy them. I’m always too worried about the ingredients that have been put into them and am scared of the calories too….. Cappuccino chocolate chip, I do think I’d go for that one though! Mmmmmm! I’m always taking a healthy bread recipe and making it into muffins.

  2. I LOVE muffins! Always have and always will. 😉 I went muffin crazy my first year of middle school because for the first time ever, I had access to them every single day. The cafeteria sold several varieties (favorites: banana nut and cinnamon streusel) for $1, and I’d always buy one during morning break. While my habits were certainly *delicious,* they weren’t so great for my waistline. I gained 10 pounds that year! A year later, I became hyper-aware of calories and fat grams, and quickly banished the belly-bloating culprits (muffins) from my diet. :-p It took YEARS for me to realize that I could enjoy them as I once had, just in more *moderate* amounts. 😉

    Your healthy oatmeal blueberry muffins look and sound fabulous! I’m going to go check out the recipe now. 🙂 I’d say my favorite muffins are still banana nut and cinnamon streusel! xoxo

  3. LLLLove blueberry muffins! They will forever remind me of Boston, which used to have a bakery called The Muffin Top where they ONLY sold muffin tops – clearly the best part of the entire muffin! Good times and great recipe! 😉

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