What to Wear Wednesday: Colored Denim & Sock Buns

Hi lovelies! I hope that you are all having a wonderful week and are enjoying all the Olympics coverage! It’s resulted in a few too many late nights for me, but it’s so amazing to see what these athletes are capable of and I am constantly in a state of awe. I also admire all the hard work and years of training that they put into their sports. Something else that I’ve been noticing in addition to their skills are the different hairstyles the athletes have been sporting. For example, although I’m pretty much obsessed with Team USA’s gymnasts, they all wear these messy ponytails turned into buns. I may not be able to teach them anything about their sport, but I could certainly teach them about the art of the sock bun.

Shirt: LOFT, Jeans: Topshop, Bangle: Forever 21, Shoes: Target

I for one, am all about the sock bun. They help make any look a little classier and put-together and they allow you to sleep in a few extra precious minutes- all wins in my book! Oh and back to the outfit. Although I sport sock buns on a semi-regular basis, I chose to style my hair this way because of this shirt. Since the shirt has so much volume and detail, I didn’t want my long hair detracting from the shirt. I then decided to make it a little more fun by pairing it with my favorite colored jeans. For more conservative work environments colored denim might be pushing the envelope a bit, but if you pair them with other classic elements and perhaps add a blazer it helps keep it more professional. Also, if colored jeans aren’t the norm at your office, stick with more classic colors and save your highlighter pink jeans for the weekends.


-Do you wear sock buns?

-Do you like colored denim? Would you wear it to work?


6 thoughts on “What to Wear Wednesday: Colored Denim & Sock Buns

  1. I absolutely LOVE your outfit! I can’t seem to get enough of the colored denim trend, and the same goes for lace; it adds such fun detail. 🙂 The sock bun is super cute on you too. I’m a huge advocate for hairstyles that enable more dozing time. 😉 I actually *never* wear my hair up (unless I’m going to the gym) because (sshh!) my ears stick out. :-p Most people have no idea, because I keep them hidden behind my thick hair at all times!

    Happy Wednesday, lovely! xoxo ❤

  2. I am a HUGE fan of the sock bun! It’s become my answer-all to sleeping in, bed head and hot summer days. And I completely agree about the gymnast’s hair. I think they could maybe be a little more put together on the hair end. haha

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