What to Wear Wednesday: Shift Dress

Hi lovelies! I hope that you all are having a fantastic week so far! This week is flying by and I’m so excited for some fun plans that I have scheduled for after-work and this weekend. I’ll be sure to recap for you next week, but I’ll disclose that one activity will involve me dressing up (still trying to figure out the perfect outfit) and singing some of my favorite Summer Lovin‘ songs 😉

But since it’s still only Wednesday, let’s talk about work wear. As I’ve mentioned, I work in a fashionable environment where I can have fun with my outfit but I still like to look professional and put together. When thinking about a work wardrobe, a shift dress is an essential in my book. It’s classic and effortlessly chic. Although black and grey are classic, I love this purple one:

Dress: Boutique, Belt: J.Crew, Necklace: LOFT, Heels: Nine West

I actually bought this dress a few years ago from a small boutique in Laguna Beach and have loved it ever since. There are so many different ways to style it, but the above is my personal favorite. I love how the nude shoes and belt don’t compete with the bright color and the gold statement necklace provides an interest piece. The other great thing about shift dresses is that they look good on every body type! If that’s not a reason to go buy one, I’m not sure what is…


-What’s your work dress code like?

-What’s your favorite dress style?

3 thoughts on “What to Wear Wednesday: Shift Dress

  1. Super cute dress and I adore your nude heels! I’m currently coveting K Middy’s L.K. Bennetts (the maddox and sledge), so that might tell you a lil’ something about my style!! I basically live in shift dresses. The question for me is how casual or dressy my dress will be, not usually whether I’ll be wearing a dress. (Unless I’m riding, that’s a diff story!) I think I told you before, but I’m somewhat notorious for wearing dresses allll the time — honestly it’s because they’re so easy! I find it more difficult to put together outfits with skirts and tops, but I should probably put forth some more effort to change it up a bit. For now, it’s dresses for me. Day & night 🙂

  2. Grease is my favorite musical of all time!! (Actually, it’s tied with The Sound of Music, but for the purposes of this comment, it’s my favorite 😉 ) I can’t wait to hear about your weekend plans; a theme party would be so much fun, as would seeing the show in the theater! Whatever Grease-related activity you’re doing, I’m sure it will be a wonderful time. 🙂

    I LOVE the purple shift dress! Tres chic! The belt and statement necklace really pop, and the heels bring everything together so nicely. LOFT’s accessories are the best because they’re sophisticated and fun, but not overly priced. I bet you get some great discounts too!

    As far as dresses go: I don’t discriminate between styles. 😉 Belted shift dresses and empire waist dresses are my favorites though, because they accentuate shape–but not *too* much shape. I like dresses that don’t hug my tummy; you never know when you’re going to be bloated! 😉

    Hugs! xoxo

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