GGG Restaurant Review: Straw

Hi lovelies! Happy Wednesday and congrats on being halfway through the week! In San Francisco we’ve had gorgeous weather lately and I think everyone is starting to be in summer-mode.

A few weeks away I went to brunch with my girlfriends in Hayes Valley at Straw. I first heard about Straw from Kelly at Pine to the Pacific when she went a few months back. This carnival themed restaurant is super small but seemed like the perfect place to gather up my girlfriends for brunch after a night out on the town. Now, this is not a healthy restaurant- I’m just putting it out there because you have to go in knowing that everything is decadent… and delicious. After my last review of Serendipity it might seem hard to believe that this is a healthy living blog anymore. But I promise that in between these splurges, lots of healthy salads, greek yogurt and green juice are being eaten in the background!

Adorable menus in a file folder- such an easy DIY!

We started off the meal with Strawberry Basil Lemonades (served in mason jars, making them even cuter) which were absolutely delicious and refreshing. They weren’t too sweet or tart and I was very sad when I’d gotten to the bottom of my glass! For my entree, I was tempted by lots of things on the menu but ultimately went with the grilled cheese which was voted one of 7x7s best grilled cheeses in San Francisco! This grilled cheese is made with smoked cheddar and swiss and… wait for it… a parmesan crust. It was served with creamy tomato soup (complete with goldfish crackers) and sweet potato tater-tots and blackberry bbq sauce.

The grilled cheese was as phenomenal as 7×7 had made it out to be but the real star of the show in my eyes were the tots and bbq sauce. I rarely eat fried food so it doesn’t usually appeal to me but these are something special and I wish I had that sauce at home to dip veggie burgers in! But of course, at a place like this, trying one thing is simply not enough. So I ordered a Whack-A-Mole for the table, also known as: red velvet Belgian waffle with vanilla cream cheese frosting and seasonal fruit.

It was absolutely fantastic though sadly we were all too full to take more than one bite! The red velvet flavor was light but not overpowering and the frosting tasted just like the stuff on top of a cupcake. All in all it was a lovely day and I’m so glad my girlfriends and I got to do a fun brunch together. Brunch is one of my favorite meals and I always look forward to trying new restaurants and chatting about the evening before!


-What’s your favorite meal to share with friends?

-What kind of carnival food would you like to see on the menu?

-Have you ever had a cake-inspired breakfast?

4 thoughts on “GGG Restaurant Review: Straw

  1. Meals shared with friends are the best kinds of meals! I would have eaten that whole waffle by myself- I can almost guarantee it! That look wonderful!!!
    Glad that SF is having such beautiful weather- the husband and I were just talking last night about how much we loved our trip there and miss the city. We are just itching to go back!!!

  2. Oh my goodness, I LOVE everything about your brunch choice! There’s no way I would have passed up one of the City’s best grilled cheese sandwiches—especially one accompanied by tater tots and tomato soup (with goldfish!!). 😀 Like you, I rarely indulge in fried foods, but when I do, they’re oh-so-wonderful. At least you can feel good knowing that those tots were made with vitamin-packed sweet potatoes! 😉

    I agree with you–brunch is definitely the best meal to share with girlfriends! I’m totally about to gender stereotype, but there’s just something girly about dining and dishing over brunch food! It’s hard to picture guys doing that, ya know?

    As far as carnival food goes: I’ve always loved funnel cakes, so it would be fun to see one on a restaurant menu, possibly with a fun twist. 🙂 I’ve made many healthy breakfast “cakes,” but I’ve never turned something like red velvet cake into waffles! I love the cream cheese frosting idea! ❤

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