This Little Piggy

Hi lovelies, I hope that you all had a fantastic weekend! Did any of you celebrate Cinco de Mayo or Derby Day? I went to a fabulous Derby Day party on Saturday that I’ll have to devote a separate post to- let’s just say it included a mimosa bar, a horse pinata and lots of big hats!

On Sunday however, I was out with my parents when my Daddy Jeff spotted a petting zoo that had baby pigs. I’ve revealed on the blog that I don’t eat any pork products before, but I haven’t ever explained why. Well the truth is, I’m somewhat obsessed with pigs. I think they are the cutest animals and love them so much that I really want one of my own as a pet. Though most people think of pigs as large pets, there is a breed called Royal Dandies that stay small and only get to be about 10 lbs when they are full grown. Though I’m not currently in a situation where I can buy one, it is my dream and I cannot wait for it to become reality.

Because of my slight pig obsession (my key chain is a pig from Henri Bendel in NYC) I tend to talk about my future pet quite regularly. I have already decided to name it Pigtoria and my parents call it their little grand-hog, not to be confused with brothers pet pugs who are the family grand-dogs. So when pigs were spotted today at the petting zoo, I knew I had to get in there. I traipsed into the hay in my dress and 5-inch heels and picked up little Pigtoria. I hated how they were being treated in there, with little kids chasing after them and dropping and throwing them back on the ground. It was so sad but once Pigtoria was in my arms, all was well in the world. And since one picture just wasn’t enough, I thought I’d show you a little video that was taken as well!

5 thoughts on “This Little Piggy

  1. Oh man, how hard was it for you to NOT take Pigtoria home with you? I just saw the little piggie in the picture and on the video and I wanted her too. What a cutie!

    I like pigs as well, but then my last name is Hogg, so I was kind of born into that one 😉

  2. You are so sweet, Emily. So cute that you love the little piggies….. I am a farm girl and I totally understand but being that i was raised around them, I am immune to their cuteness I guess. All baby farm animals are ADORABLE! Goats, sheep, calves, pigs, chickens, horses, the barn cats— this is why spring on the farm is SO fun. Baby animals everywhere.

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