GGG Restaurant Review: Serendipty 3

Hi lovelies! I hope that you all had a great Monday and that your week is off to a fantastic start. I’ll admit, it was a little hard going back to reality after such a wonderful weekend away! But now I’m back in the swing of things, I’m looking forward to some fun things happening this week and weekend. My personal rule of thumb is that whenever something you were looking forward to is over, make sure you have something else fun planned!

Besides some great breakfasts we had in our room (more on that later) most of our meals were spent dining out in Vegas. We ate at some great new-to-me restaurants, but visiting Serendipity while in Vegas was a “must” on my list. After seeing the movie Serendipity years ago, I became in love with the prospect of visiting the famous restaurant with the frozen hot chocolates. A few years ago on my first trip to New York my family made sure that I got to experience it, and it was just as amazing as I had hoped.

Based on my attire you can tell this is at the New York location in the winter!

So it only seemed right that we all venture back to the one in Vegas, this time so my Grandma could experience it. If you haven’t had frozen hot chocolate, it is a little difficult to understand the draw. But imagine a cross between a chocolate milkshake and a chocolate slushie with whipped cream piled on top. Or imagine pure bliss. It’s kind of like that. We all went for the frozen hot chocolate, but as it was lunchtime, we knew that we needed to have some real food too.

My mom and I weren’t very hungry as we wanted to save room for the main event, we split the fresh berries, yogurt and granola. Since I’m mildly obsessed with this combo (I have it every single day at work) I thought I knew what to expect. And then this arrived…

Now that’s what I call presentation! The yogurt inside the coconut was delicious and the berries were perfectly fresh and sweet. I have never had white raspberries before either, but am definitely a fan.

Daddy Jeff ordered the Chopped Chicken Salad which he said was delicious and my Grandma had the chicken strips which were pretty incredible and served with 3 dipping sauces.

But all of that was just filler before the much awaited frozen hot chocolates. I can tell you that from the time these were delivered to the table until we got up to leave, the only words I uttered were versions of “This is SO good”. It was even better than I remembered and truly unlike anything else I’ve ever had. We ordered the mochacino and the regular and as much as I love coffee-flavored desserts, the regular is still my favorite. I indulged to my heart’s content  because I think this was one of those times where calories don’t count, and you just enjoy food for what it is. I tend to feel that way on vacation anyway, but especially for things like this where you can only get it at these special locations.


-What’s the best dessert you’ve ever had?

-How do you approach indulging on vacation?

5 thoughts on “GGG Restaurant Review: Serendipty 3

  1. I’ve been in love with the idea of slurping frozen hot chocolate ever since seeing Serendipity years ago as well! And now I’m even more in love. Oh my, this post is certainly a tease; I think the time has come for me to brave the crowds (we have one in DC, but the three times I’ve tried to go the wait has been 2+ hrs long!) and experience this amazing concoction! So glad you enjoyed it without a smidgen of guilt…You’re so right–vacations and special occasions (you’re sweet grandma’s birthday!) should more definitely be calorie carefree. We only have one life, and when we’re making healthy choices most of the time, why not enjoy the simple pleasures when given the opportunity? 😀

    The yogurt-containing coconut is such a cute idea! I kind of want to create my own yogurt coconut bowl now. And I LOVE the picture of your grandma! She looks like such a nice woman! I hope she enjoyed every minute spent partying with you in Vegas over the weekend! Can’t wait to read more! xoxo ❤

  2. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to go to Serendipty but have never been! Now I want to go even more!! Those babies look SO GOOD!!

    And I’m all about indulging on vacay … not over indulging, like using it as an excuse to eat bad at every meal, but to share in dessert or cheese dip (my weakness) when we go out to eat.

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