Live in Wellness

Hi lovelies! I can’t believe that it’s already Friday! This week has flown by as I’ve been consumed with work projects and fighting being sick. After going to the doctor last night and getting some antibiotics, I got to thinking about all the things we put into our bodies. I try to make nutritious food choices daily to give my body all the ammo it needs to be healthy and strong. But despite my best efforts in giving my body everything it needs (except sleep, I probably could stand to work on that one) I still came down with a sinus infection.

Luckily, it is easily cured and I’ll be back on my feet in no time, but despite the antibiotics, it really matters what I put in my body during this time too. The two most common things we are told to eat and drink when sick are…

Chicken Noodle Soup:

Chicken Noodle soup has been the go-to meal for parents to give their children when they are sick. Consequently, almost every adult and child I know turns to the magical soup when they are feeling ill. However, it’s not just the familiar soup that makes us feel better. Scientifically, the soup has been proven to inhibit the movement of neutrophils, the  common  white blood cell that defends against infection, which reduces upper-respiratory cold systems. But this soup comes in many forms and sadly so many on the market are packed with all sorts of preservatives and chemicals. In fact, I found out years ago that a brand I ate all the time was actually giving me headaches because it contained MSG! Since that’s exactly the opposite of what we want to be giving our body when defenses are down, I stick with the real stuff. If you’re like me and making homemade soup when you’re sick is just not going to happen, then Panera, Bristol Farms and Whole Foods are great options. Homemade soup and you didn’t have to lift a hand.

Orange Juice

Orange juice is another no-brainer when it comes to being sick. Despite the mixed feelings on the true effectiveness of Vitamin C has on colds, I personally believe that it certainly can’t hurt and I might as well give my body every fighting chance. But just like the soup there are so many orange juices out there that are packed with added sugar and preservatives. The above is one of my favorites for on-the-go, but anything that is 100% orange juice is good in my book.

When we’re sick our body is having to fight so hard to try and make us well again. By filling our body with healthy choices like we do when we are well, we are giving our bodies the best shot to fight the illness quickly. In the end, all we want is to leave the sickness behind and be back to our normal routines and so lets live in sickness and in wellness in a healthy way.


-What do you rely on to help you feel better when you are sick?

3 thoughts on “Live in Wellness

  1. It’s so true! Our mood and wellness are SO reliant on how we’re choosing to fuel our bodies. When I’m sick, I especially bulk up on the vitamin C (in orange juice & supplements), as well as the brothy-type soups. I’ve also been known to pop an Airbourne every now and then 😉

    I hope you feel better soon! ❤

  2. Feeling under the weather can turn any blue sky to grey. My go to’s when sick- toast, smoothies, eggs, and juice. I guess to completely depends on the kind of sick I am too—- this morning sickness thing was a whole new bag of tricks!
    Hope you get to 100% ASAP! The meds should help… Happy Friday!

  3. even if the Vit. C content is under debate, I think that fluids are always good when you’re sick! my go-to when I’m sick is actually miso soup, not chicken noodle 🙂

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