Hi lovelies! Can you believe it’s Thursday already? I feel like this week is going by so quickly! Last night I went to see The Hunger Games… and ok, I finally get what all the hype is about. Since my favorite movies tend to be Lifetime, romantic comedies or foreign films, I went into the movie thinking that I probably wouldn’t like it. But I was so wrong! It is exciting, fast paced, and there is even a love story thrown in. As one of the few non-book readers there, I left the theater dying to know what happens next… and promptly downloaded the book on my kindle.

But last night wasn’t just about The Hunger Games as on my way to the movie I had two experiences that felt like flashbacks. I’ve mentioned before how songs do this, but tonight I experienced it with food.

Going to school in LA, I had a variety of amazing restaurant options surrounding me. But during breaks between classes, or nights when a full night of studying loomed, Bristol Farms was the restaurant of choice. For those of you unfamiliar with Bristol, it’s comparable to Whole Foods- but in my mind, better! And though they have a wide variety of options, I almost always stuck to soup or a panini. Sadly I don’t live near Bristol anymore, but when I found myself at Westfield tonight, I wandered into Bristol Farms for the very same panini of my college years.

Whole wheat bread with pesto, turkey, provolone cheese and lettuce, grilled to perfection on the panini machine. It was even more delicious than I remembered and it immediately transported me back to my college days and eating these with my best friend, chatting about what we were going to wear to our next sorority social event.

Then, as I was checking out, I spotted something I have never seen in The United States… Villars chocolate. I was first introduced to this amazing Swiss chocolate when I was in London, by my Swiss friend Alain. He sent me some in the mail and from then I was hooked.

Since then, I always keep an eye out for it but have never been able to find it in stores. It’s one of those things that not only is it the most delicious chocolate but it brings back such fond memories. I’ll never forget standing in a store in Switzerland as Alain watched me put chocolate after chocolate into my cart (I was following the one for me, one for you idea when it came to giving chocolate as gifts) and laughing about what people must have thought of the me: the girl’s who was about to collapse from carrying so much chocolate.

Anzere, Switzerland- such an incredible place and an amazing feeling to be above the clouds!

Visiting Switzerland was one of my all-time favorite trips while I was abroad and seeing the chocolate last night brought it all rushing back. I am excited to eat a little every night and reminisce on such a fun time.


-What foods produce memories for you?

Another one of mine is the Blue box mac and cheese which makes me feel like I’m sitting at the counter with my best friend Chelsea, eating peeled Fuji apples and mac & cheese with extra Parmesan.

-Tell me about one of your favorite food-related memories!


2 thoughts on “Flashback

  1. There are two … pork chops & my grandmother’s breakfast potatoes – my dad would make that meal for us at least once a week while growing up!

    And boiled hotdogs with shredded cheese. When I was in high school and when I came home during college my dad would always have one waiting for me in case I needed food to uhhh settle my stomach! Haha. He’s the best!

    ps that sandwich sounds amazing and I’d give anything to have one right this second!

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