Laugh & Be Inspired

Hi lovelies! It’s midnight and I just got home so the post about my awesome new workout is going to have to wait. But since I did at least want to check in, I thought I’d share two things that I think we should do and feel everyday– laugh and be inspired.



Be Inspired:

After reading about Baby Brenna on The Fitnessista, I became captivated with this strong little girl and her ever faithful family. Brenna has a very rare skin disorder called harlequin ichthyosis and has already been through so much in the past three months but is such a little fighter and I know God is watching over her. Through the family’s blog, I found out about a truly amazing 14-year-old girl with this disease who strives to teach acceptance in a world and live a normal life. She is truly incredible and I feel so inspired by her and I know you will too. For some reason, it won’t link but go here to watch (just scroll down the page a bit.)

Happy Wednesday!

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