A Springtime Afternoon Tea

Hi lovelies! I hope that you all had an amazing weekend and were able to stay out of the rain or enjoy the sun! Sorry I was a little mia last week- it was just one of those weeks but I fully intend on making up for it this week!

This weekend I had the privilege of attending an afternoon tea that was put on by my mom’s best friend. If you remember, I love going to tea and have been going with my mom, her best friend and her daughter since I was a little girl. Back then, I would wear my prettiest, frilliest dress (and I’m sure my mom would make me wear those horrible itchy lace tights) to afternoon tea. I always enjoyed going but being the picky eater that I was, I didn’t drink the tea nor eat the food.  Luckily though days are far behind me and I enjoyed every morsel this time around.

Aren’t the tables so pretty? My mom has always loved setting the perfect table and her best friend is the same way. I love a beautifully set table and it makes enjoying afternoon tea all the more fun! As does dressing up! I count Afternoon tea as the perfect time to wear my pearls (the necklace I’m wearing below my best friend gave me on my 13th birthday) and I got this BCBG Generation dress for the event! It’s one of those dresses that I got a great deal on and I know that I’ll get a lot of wear out of… aka a great purchase!

Having tea together since we were little girls

If you look closely, you can see I took my 5-inch heels off for the picture with my Grandma!

And now onto the main event… the food! Everything was absolutely delicious but as always, I enjoyed the scones the best! She served two different types but the White Chocolate Lavender was incredible with clotted cream and jam! Oh and I had 3 different teas over the course of the afternoon- Vanilla, Coconut Cocoa and my favorite Chocolate Peppermint! All were perfect with the delicious food!

All in all it was an absolutely fabulous day and I had such a wonderful time with family and friends. I couldn’t ask for a better weekend! Sunday included a relaxing day, an amazing Church service, a dinner of roasted veggies and quinoa and a screening of one of my favorite movies– Young Victoria.


-What did you do this weekend? Did you celebrate St. Patrick’s day?

-Are you more of a coffee/tea person? What flavors do you like best?

-What item on the menu looks best to you?

8 thoughts on “A Springtime Afternoon Tea

  1. I love that you guys have tea together like this! I guess it’s just not a common thing over here in South Florida, but I’ve never heard of anyone “having tea” other than when I was a little girl with a tea set. I might have to start up the trend though! 😉

  2. Wow – what a GORGEOUS table setting (and the food looks amazing too)! Such a cute tradition. You should try Crown & Crumpet if you haven’t already – such a sweet tea room that is girly to the max. I had my bestie’s bridal shower there and it was perfect!!

  3. This seems like such a fun event! I looooove tea and now want to find some new flavors. Vanilla, coconut cocoa, and chocolate peppermint all sound like good ones (that hopefully taste like dessert)!

    And “caramelized onion cheese puffs”… Oh.my.god. Yum.

  4. What a fun (and ladylike!) way to spend a weekend afternoon! I’m completely in awe, and admittedly jealous. 🙂 That last time I enjoyed tea was the summer I spent in London. We’d stop nearly every afternoon for tea and scones with clotted cream (so delicious)! It was quite an indulgent habit, but so totally worth it. Next time I’m in San Francisco, can we please go on a tea date? I’ll buy a pair of itchy lace tights just for the occasion. 😉

    Did your mom’s friend make all of the food? I’m so impressed! Everything sounds amazing–especially the caramelized onion cheese puffs and white chocolate lavender scones. And the table display is absolutely gorgeous! I’d love to acquire a set like that, but I imagine they’re pretty hard to find these days.

    LOVE the dress!! So classy, chic and timeless. Definitely a great purchase! xoxo ❤

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