Chocolate Overload

Hi lovelies! I hope that you all had a fantastic weekend and got to get out and enjoy some sunshine! It was absolutely gorgeous here in San Francisco and in between soaking up the rays, I went to see both The Iron Lady and My Week with Marilyn and both were fantastic. I can really see why Meryl Streep won the Academy Award now and why her make-up artist did too- her aging process was incredible.

And if that all weren’t fun enough, the weekend concluded with a visit to the 5th Annual San Francisco International Chocolate Salon. Referred to as the premier event for artisan, gourmet and premium chocolate, this event boasted over 50 chocolatiers, confectioners, wineries and culinary artisans… oh, and did I mention that they were ALL giving away samples?

Ready to start tasting!

We started our tasting extravaganza by visiting one of my favorite Chocolate companies- Alter Eco SF. A fair trade company that makes a variety of foods, their chocolate is made from Fair Trade pure organic cocoa, unrefined organic cane sugar grown by small-scale farmers and is 100% natural, containing no emulsifiers or artificial additives. Plus, they work with an expert independent Chocolatier in Switzerland- the country that in my opinion has the absolute best chocolate. (I actually went to Switzerland when studying abroad and had an excessive amount of chocolate while I was there too!) All of the flavors I tried were delicious, but my absolute favorite is still the Dark Chocolate Quinoa because I love the crunch.

Another of our favorites were Clarine’s Florentines based in Berkeley! Clarine and her mother started baking these as Christmas cookies and then three years ago decided to turn it into a business. I am so glad they did because these were absolutely fantastic, crisp and crunchy and coated in Guittard dark chocolate. I could have easily eaten many samples (or let’s be serious, full cookies) from this booth and apparently I’m not alone in my thoughts because these little pieces of heaven have won numerous awards at last year’s event.

The event was so fun and pretty amazing that there were chocolate samples as far as the eye could see! We tried some crazy combinations like potato chip chocolate and some very dark chocolates (91%!) and basically everything in between. We also sampled a few “chocolate” wines but ultimately decided that neither of us really care for sweet wines. Luckily, there was a stand selling water so we refueled and sampled our hearts out some more. The event lasted 6 hours but after about an hour both Brittany and I could no longer handle any more chocolate… and I never thought I would feel this way! But it was so rich and we both were getting stomach aches so we ultimately retired to the sunny grass near Fort Mason with some friends as a perfect end to the day.


-What’s your favorite kind of chocolate or chocolate combination?

-What’s the most unusual type of chocolate you’ve had?

-Do you like sweet wines?


6 thoughts on “Chocolate Overload

  1. I debated going to this today! What a fun event. Glad to see you’ve recovered from the flu. And yes, how insanely gorgeous was the weather this weekend?! I loved it!

  2. Dark chocolate with quinoa? Interesting! My mom and her fiance went to a chocolate tour in SF a couple months ago and had a blast. They came with a lot of interesting flavors of chocolate and truffles. I’m not a huge chocolate fan on its own… I love chocolate ice cream/froyo/protein bars, but I usually prefer a different type of dessert than plain chocolate.

    And about the sweet wines… I’m not a big wine fan. I love fruity champagne though šŸ™‚

  3. Emily, hope you had the chance to stop by and taste Toffee Talk yesterday! If you missed us, please come back and see next year! It was a crazy fun day yesterday. Thanks for the fun blog post of yesterday’s events. Toffee Talk girls.

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