Zucchini Soup + Giveaway WINNER

Hi lovelies! Happy Friday! Has this week seemed extra long to any of you? I blame the rainy weather and grey skies! Luckily, I think the rain has left San Francisco for the time being, just in time for a beautiful sunny weekend. I’m hoping to have a relaxing weekend as I’m still recovering from my flu and then on Sunday I’m going to a very special event that I’ll be sure to report back on!

Are you familiar with the movie Best in Show? As I prepared to write about how much I love soup, this funny scene came to mind…

I too, could talk and not talk for hours. 😉

Now back to the soup. So despite my love of soup all year round, I especially crave it when it’s cold and rainy. And since I recently made chili, I wanted to try my hand at something else. I knew that I wanted something packed with veggies that would be relatively quick to make. (It’s hard for me to devote too much time to recipes when I get home around 7:30 pm, so I tend to look for quick recipes.) After seeing a tweet by Bethenny Frankel, I found myself browsing her website and stumbled on her recipe for Zucchini soup.

This recipe was really easy to make and the only time-consuming portion was chopping up the above vegetables. Bethenny calls for frozen butternut squash but as I couldn’t find that, I used the fresh, pre-cut variety and just added it to the zucchini when cooking. Once all the vegetables were soft and chicken soup had been added it had time for my big moment- pureeing the soup!

A few weeks ago I won an awesome giveaway on Bran Appetit for a Kitchen Aid 3-Speed Hand Blender. This is one of those amazing all-in-one tools and to be honest, I’m not even sure what it’s capable of yet. For this soup I used the immersion blender attachment and was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to use and how quickly it pureed all the ingredients! I highly recommend this bad boy and get ready to see it pop up in many future recipes!

Then after adding the soy milk, lemon and of course- a little fresh Parmesan, it was time to eat! I loved this recipe! It was delicious and tastes so fresh- nothing is masking the veggies and it’s great without being overly rich or creamy. This recipe does make quite a bit, but I’m not complaining because I’ve had it for lunch the past 2 days with a salad and it was fantastic.

And now for the winner of the Luna Bar giveaway

Kelsey! Please email me your mailing address at glitzglamgranola at gmail dot com and I will pass along your info to LUNA!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


-What’s your favorite funny movie?

-What’s your favorite soup?


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