Relationship Status: It’s Complicated

Hi lovelies! I hope that you all had a great weekend! I had an absolutely AMAZING one at the National Ice Skating Championships. It was truly an incredible experience and I am now officially an ice skating groupie. All weekend I battled a headache but Sunday night it took an ugly turn into a migraine on Monday. Luckily, after a day of rest and migraine meds I’m feeling much better.

But now on to other matters… you see, I have a bit of complicated relationship on my hands. There are some relationships in life where the attraction is instantaneous and others that require additional thought. And my relationship with horizontal stripes is the latter. For years I found myself attracted to horizontal stripes clothing, while also being afraid that it would be unflattering. Then one day, I decided to bite the bullet and give it a shot.. and realized that I liked what I saw! But now that we’re official (it’s not love… yet) I’ve learned a few things along the way.

1. Stripes are an ideal layering piece!

Hat: Nordstrom, Vest: LOFT, Shirt: H&M

Although the Breton striped shirt looks so classic on its own, I recently have been looking at stripes as a great layering piece, almost like a neutral. They transition seamlessly between seasons and look as great with a fur vest as a floral scarf as a statement necklace. Plus, all of these items transform the look from your basic striped shirt into something a little more special.

2. Play with proportion!

Sweater: Nordstrom, Pants: GAP

I fell in love with this striped, open-knit sweater the moment I saw it and knew it would be perfect for my trip to San Diego. But horizontal stripes on an oversize sweater with dolman sleeves? Yikes, right? Wrong! Instead of being scared by the volume of the sweater, I wore tight black pants and black boots. When dealing with a blousy or loose striped item, wearing a fitted top or bottom balances you out.

3. Use stripes to colorblock!

All items are LOFT

At my recent LOFT event, I decided to work some stripes into my outfit as a way to colorblock. Thick stripes like the ones I’m wearing are already a great example of colorblocking, so I added a bright pink berry sweater to make them pop. Colorful stripes are also a great way to transition to spring-ier clothes while still experiencing winter weather!

As you can see, I’m coming around to stripes and I think our relationship is blossoming. But one relationship that isn’t in any danger? My love affair with San Francisco:

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