Bottom of the Barrel

Hi lovelies! Happy Tuesday! The rain has finally left San Francisco and the sun is back out. (And yes, I’m such a baby because it rained for less than a week and I still couldn’t deal!) But now that the temps are scheduled to be back in the 60s I can set aside my puffy coat for a while… though let’s be serious, puffy coats really do feel like wearable sleeping bags and there is nothing bad about that!

Did any of you watch the Bachelor last night?? As you know, I’m a little addicted and this week’s episode in Park City was a good one! In my Bachelor bracket I have Lindzi winning it all, but after this week I’m starting to think that Kacie B and Jennifer are my true frontrunners. The dates this week were pretty great and I would have loved to go horseback riding or to the Clay Walker concert with Jennifer. I actually love Clay Walker’s song “Fall” and for those of you who haven’t heard it…

Unfortunately, I’m a little nervous that Courtney is going to pull a Vienna and completely dupe Ben. I cannot stand girls that are mean like that to others and I spent plenty of time last night asking how she could be so mean! Unfortunately, it looks like next week is going to be even worse when she decides to take Ben skinny dipping… Oh dear.

Now onto other things! As you know, I love to eat. I’m pretty sure that’s one of the things that comes through most over here at GGG. In fact, one of my favorite things to do is go grocery shopping and wander up and down the aisles looking for new products. But January has been so busy so far that I haven’t had time to do a real grocery shopping trip. Which consequently means that all of those items pushed to the back of the pantry and the freezer are finally getting used up.

In theory that’s a good thing but in reality, there is a reason that stuff never gets eaten. I have had more random stuff from the freezer than I care to admit and I have been subsiding on boxed soup for lunch… and not even the good flavors (aka no butternut squash which I could happily subside on!) I’ve tried to be a little creative but so far the most creative I got was making a faux-Chipotle bowl by combining brown rice, black beans, chicken and salsa. I think my Fauxpotle was even better than the real thing but now I’m out of 2/4 ingredients!

I am finally planning a grocery trip for Thursday but until then, I’m going to be trying to wrestle up something from what I’ve got. (Or in tonight’s ‘home from work late’ case, get Greek takeout.)


-Did you watch the Bachelor this week? Thoughts?

-What are your favorite ‘nothing in the pantry’ meals?? (Please, I need ideas!)


2 thoughts on “Bottom of the Barrel

  1. There are so many times when I think… “there is NOTHING in my pantry or refrigerator! What can I make?!” I know there is plenty in there. I should try to put off grocery shopping for a week or so to see what I can come up with. I love to use up pasta and veggies and create my own little something-something! Hope waiting till Thursday works!
    PS-LOVE that song!

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