The Bachelor Comes to SF

Hi lovelies! I hope that you all had an absolutely wonderful three-day weekend! Aren’t three-day weekends the best? Do any of you remember that movie Kate & Leopold? One of my favorite lines was when Kate says that “Sunday is ruined by the thought of Monday.” And isn’t that the truth? So having Monday off definitely helps the Sunday blues! Not to mention now we’re starting the week one step closer to Friday πŸ™‚

Did any of you watch the Bachelor last night?? I’m especially invested in this season because I’m part of a Bachelor bracket with some of my girlfriends… aka best idea ever! (It’s not too late to start if you and your friends are into the Bachelor too!) This week was an extra special episode because it was filmed in my lovely San Francisco!

And now, as a single girl in the city, I’m sort of expecting my dates to be like this:

Private concert at City Hall by Matt Nathanson

Downhill skiing in the streets of SF

Firework show on the Embarcadero

Let’s face it, I always knew San Francisco was a magical city but these dates make it even more incredible! The only date I would not like to go on in SF:

Climbing to the top of the Bay Bridge

I would try to be adventurous for a guy, but my fear of heights would have definitely prevented this one. Let’s face it, walking in 5-inch heels is as much as I like to be off the ground πŸ˜‰


-Do you watch the Bachelor?

-What was/is the most incredible date you could imagine?


6 thoughts on “The Bachelor Comes to SF

  1. Haha I love that have a Bachelor bracket! Such a great idea to put together with a group of girlfriends.

    I’m always SO impressed by the dates that they put on the show. The day that Will takes me to Fiji for an afternoon is the day that I propose to him on the spot haha πŸ˜€

  2. Brackets + reality tv shows = such a great idea! I remember a few months back when facebook exploaded with “the bachelor is skiing in sf” related posts… after watching the episodes it seems even more ridiculous (in a good way?)

    climbing the bay bridge or golden gate bridge would be SO SO cooooool… but i like heights haha

    this is going to sound weird but because i went to an all-girls high school/was super nerdy/knew ZERO guys, i’d like to have a guy “surprise” ask me on a date (like they did for prom on laguna beach hahaha) and then take a horse drawn carriage to a ball, wearing a sherri hill dress….. okay i need to stop thinking about this!

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