A Little of This and A Little of That

Hi lovelies! Happy Friday and happy day-before Christmas Eve… or as it is known in my family, Happy Birthday to my brother Brody! This summer I went to Texas to see Brody, but he is back in California for the holidays. One thing (among many) that I love about living in the state that I’m from is that everyone comes back to the Best West Coast for special occasions! And now, because I have lots of random things floating around in my head, here’s an assortment of what I’m thinking about:

-This past weekend I went to a really fun Christmas party with some of my girlfriends! Held at Fort Mason, the Guardsmen of San Francisco transform the large space into a winter wonderland, with a long red carpet lined with lit trees, multiple bars and seating areas, dancing, trees hanging from the ceiling and fake snow falling. Basically it was gorgeous and it was great to spend time with the girls before we all parted ways for the holidays.

-Yesterday there was a huge 5-alarm fire in the city and three apartment buildings were engulfed in flames. This would be devastating at any time of the year, but it seems especially hard over the holidays. These poor people lost everything today and while, thank God only two were injured, my heart just goes out to them during this difficult time. It’s such a reminder to be thankful for the little things we often forget about– like a roof over our head.

-Since Christmas seems to be sneaking up on me this year, I realized that I need to get my recipes in order! While Whole Foods and a local hotel will be providing much of our Christmas meal, I’m going to be making my brother Brooks’ favorite holiday menu item– corn casserole. It’s actually my Grandma’s recipe, but I started making it years ago for him and he requests it at every holiday. It has been a few years since I made it, but is such a tradition that I made it when studying abroad in London.

I look so young!

And that’s all for now! As I write this (at 11:30 Thursday night) I’m staring at the pile of clothes on my bed that I have to deal with and don’t think I can avoid them any longer. I’ll try to check in on Christmas, but in case I don’t, I hope that you all have a very Merry Christmas/Happy Hannukah/Happy Holidays! Enjoy each moment with your friends and family.


-Tell me something random!

-Do you have any great brunch recipes that I can make Gluten-Free??


2 thoughts on “A Little of This and A Little of That

  1. Merry day-after-Christmas, Emily! I love the purple dress you wore to the holiday party! So cute and chic! It sounds like you had a wonderful time with your girlfriends. 🙂

    How sweet of you to cook corn casserole for your brother! It’s a favorite in my family too, however we usually eat it at Thanksgiving. This year we had our big dinner on the 22nd (flank steak, mashed potatoes/mashed cauliflower and roasted brussels sprouts) before flying to the Bay Area on the 23rd. Yesterday was definitely a break from the norm, because instead of spending most of the day in the kitchen, we just went to my cousin’s!

    I’m waving at you from across the bay! xoxo

  2. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas Emily! ……I love starting traditions- like you making that corn casserole for your brother- so sweet!
    I’ll have to say a prayer for those that lost their homes- that would be SUPER hard for everyone during this time of year, my heart goes out to them………. That Christmas party sounds heavenly, especially the getting dressed up with the girls! FUN! FUN!

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