Catching Up

Hi lovelies! So sorry about week-long absence! I fully intended to blog last week and over the holidays… but it just didn’t happen. See, I tend to be one of those over scheduled people and that’s the way I like it, 90% of the time. But then there are times when I get the chance to really relax and I savor it. So now that I’m playing catch-up I thought I’d fill you in on some random things going on in GGG land.

1. I went to the Opera!

The gorgeous San Francisco War Memorial Opera House

On Wednesday evening, I had the opportunity to go to the Opera for a very special person’s birthday! I love plays and musicals, but this was my first opera experience! We saw Carmen, a French musical set in Spain about a bewitching woman, Carmen and the men who love her. Of course, that’s an extremely watered down synopsis of this powerful, emotional opera. I went in excited for the unknown and four hours later (yes, 4 hours, there were 3 intermissions) I came out an opera lover! This may have been my first Opera but is certainly not my last!

2. I’m a Bad Food Blogger

It’s a good thing that I’m not into labels or else I would be a very bad food blogger considering I did not take one picture of food over Thanksgiving! But let’s face it, when you get my family together and the laughter starts… well, it becomes hard to focus on anything else.  We went out for Thanksgiving at Esin in Danville and had a delicious meal that I’ll just have to tell you about since I can’t show you. I opted to go for the non-traditional meal and ordered butternut squash soup to start, followed by fresh pappardelle with roasted butternut squash, bloomsdale spinach & sage-brown butter cream.  It was delicious (though a little skimpy on the butternut squash… but then again, I am obsessed so I might not be the best judge.) Then, for dessert we all tried different things, but my order of the Pumpkin bread pudding was the clear favorite as it tasted like sticky toffee pudding crossed with pumpkin… yum!

3. Holiday Movies Rock My World

I’ll admit that I’m partial to Lifetime movies all year long, but the holiday ones are always my favorite! Sometimes, there is just nothing better than curling up in front of the fire and having a Lifetime movie marathon and I did exactly that this weekend. Life is so complicated sometimes that it’s nice to be transported to a world where everything works out in the end and the main characters always fall madly in love within the 90 minute show.

4. Cyber Monday Didn’t Do it For Me!

As a veteran online shopper, I was prepared to be excited about Cyber Monday since I didn’t take part in any of the in-store deals this weekend. But as my inbox was flooded with sale emails today, I found that I wasn’t interested in any of them! I think because I am a frequent browser, I have seen most of these deals before! The must-buy feeling I get on sites like Gilt and Rue La La didn’t hit me today because I figured that most of the stores will be having the same deals in the coming weeks. It was a good thing that I wasn’t too tempted though,  considering I haven’t even shared my recent purchases with you. (Bloomingdales Friends and Family sale though… that was a dangerous one!)

5. My Salad Creations are Back!

Even the iphone captured the beauty!

Lately I’ve been craving a big salad with all of my favorite toppings so last night I ventured to Trader Joe’s after work and picked up some essentials to make my favorite salad. On a bed of spinach and romaine, I put artichoke hearts, hearts of palm, chicken, almonds, cranberries, fat-free feta cheese and of course, the best topper of all- butternut squash. It was exactly what I was craving and hit the spot. While I was at TJs, I also confirmed that the employees there really are the nicest of any grocery store. Every single time I find myself getting to know them and having interesting conversations with the employees and they are so friendly. However, one conversation that I could have done without was with the man who kept following me around the store making creepy comments about my new boots… yuck!


-Have you ever been to the Opera?

-Do you like Holiday movies?

-Did you take advantage of Cyber Monday?

-What store do you think has the nicest employees?

4 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. Ummmmm the Liquid Tiramisu from that menu sounds AMAZING… if only they served drinks like that at frat parties! And I seriously need to jump on the butternut squash train. I’ve never tried it, except in butternut squash soup. That definitely needs to change when I move back home in two weeks!

  2. I’ve only been to the opera once but it was AMAZING! :} An experience I’ll never forget!…… I am LOVING Lifetime movies right now- putting on Christmas movies makes cleaning the house, doing dishes, and many other things a million times better! 🙂 Yay for Christmas!

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