Art Uncorked

Hi lovelies! How was your weekend? Can you believe that the weekend is over? Hopefully some of you are already on vacation and enjoying time with friends and family… and sleeping in. That would be on my list! Luckily, this can be me on Thursday and Friday too 🙂

This weekend, my girlfriends and I took advantage of a Popsugar Shop deal for a painting class with wine called Art Uncorked. I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I first heard about an event like this on the show, The Little Couple and thought it was so cool! So when I saw the deal for it, I knew we all should sign up!

The point of the three-hour class is to drink wine while recreating a famous painting and the one we picked? Monet’s famous Venice at Sunset…

I was understandably a little intimidated as I have next to no artistic ability. I actually used to love to draw as a kid, but when I was in 3rd grade and we were learning how to draw hands, my art teacher took away my eraser from me because I was overusing it (guess I was a perfectionist even at an early age) and wouldn’t give it back to me the rest of the year. Well, unfortunately this little stunt had the opposite effect of what she had intended- it made me doubt my abilities and dislike art. This would be a long way of saying that this was a big step for me. But when you throw in wine and my girlfriends? Well, then I was game.


The evening took place at the lovely Mandarin Oriental hotel in SF and it was the perfect escape from the stormy weather outside. The class was informative without being stuffy and with the detailed directions, even I felt confident in what I was doing. What I didn’t expect was how relaxing I would find the evening! It was really fun figuring out the perfect color mixture for the sky or chatting with the girls and laughing at our mess-ups and complimenting our successes.


This was such a fun night and we all agreed that we want to do one again soon!! Although the colors of this painting aren’t my absolute favorite, I feel really proud that I was able to make something like this! It’s made me feel more confident in my artistic abilities, so much so, that we were talking about doing our own version and just painting canvases soon! I think that this would be a great date or a date with your girlfriends and is definitely a great, out-of-the-norm activity!


-Do you consider yourself artistic?

-Have you ever taken a painting class?

-How was your weekend?


6 thoughts on “Art Uncorked

  1. You girls did great! (for real, I wouldn’t lie) Those look awesome! ….I have absolutely 0 artistic ability…. I had to take an art class to become an elementary teacher. The professor swore “Everyone has some sort of artistic ability!” I told him of myself. He said, impossible- everyone has some artistic ability. I walked in on the last day to get my grade and he said “well, you are the first student to prove me wrong. You better stick with stick people, darling.” And then he laughed. (it wasn’t mellitus, he actually loved me as a future teacher…) I still got an A. Good thing I wasn’t graded of ability!!!

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