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Hi lovelies! How’s your week going so far? Can you believe it’s almost Friday? I think now that Halloween is over, it’s starting to really feel like the holidays around here. There is a chill in the air (but it’s SF, so what else is new) the red cups are out and it feels like time to start shopping.

Oh wait… remember that whole, me not shopping in October thing? Well that didn’t quite work out. I actually made it half the month, shopping free, but then I went to visit my bestie in San Diego and we did what we do best- we shopped. San Diego has some great shopping, but we actually started at a store that we have in San Francisco, that I had never ventured in… Lululemon!

I’d always been slightly curious about the famous Lulu, but deemed the clothing too expensive to justify, considering I knew I could find cheaper alternatives. This was all until I put on my first pair of Wunder Unders aka the pants that changed it all. The quality is impeccable and these crops are truly the most comfortable thing ever. I kind of want to wear them all the time- plus, they look amazing on. I don’t know what crazy fabric they use, but I wouldn’t mind if all my clothes could do that!

Of course, that wasn’t the only purchase of the day, but definitely my favorite one. I’ve been doing pretty good since, until I saw that these were on sale. I have been coveting high heeled loafers since last year but have yet to find one with a perfect heel- I was after the perfect chunky heel but still with enough height. Today, I bit the bullet and ordered them online today and couldn’t be more excited for these babies to arrive. I’ll be sure to share pics!

Check out that heel... love!

The shopping will continue next week too… at my LOFT party! I hope that some of you San Francisco girls can come! There will be drinks, appetizers, music, 30% off full-price purchases, special gifts with purchase, a photo booth and more! Basically, it will be a blast and I would be so very honored if some of you could attend. (Plus for the bloggers out there, it would be a perfect blog post :)) So if you can make it, it’s Wednesday, November 16 from 5-7 at the brand new LOFT store at Embarcadero 4! If you and/or your friends would like to come, please go to and select San Francisco and Emily from the list! I would love to meet you all and it’s the perfect excuse for a little shopping (as if you needed one!)



-Where do you buy exercise clothes?

-Are you an online shopper?


14 thoughts on “Shop Girl

  1. If I lived in San Fran, you KNOW I would be the first one at your Loft party ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I’m an easy shopper– I usually buy my workout clothes from Target or TJ Maxx, and online shopping has never really been a crazy issue for me. Now, put me inside of a Whole Foods and tell me not to go shopping crazy and I’ll definitely go nuts haha

  2. Should I fly back just for the occasion? ๐Ÿ˜‰ I think it’s a good idea. ……I have to be an online shopper because there is literally nowhere to shop around here. The UPS guy brings all of my clothes to my doorstop. I wonder if he knows that he is my personal stylist ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. I love wunder unders! THEY are the BEST! I own too many, and you know what, I wear them like crazy! So worth the price for me!

    I would love to go to your party, too bad Im too far : p

    Happy Weekend love! xoxo

  4. THIS is why I need to live in the city. Sigh…. one day. I used to intern in the Embarcadero 3 building! I buy workout clothes from all over – nike, target, sports authority, etc … If I get stuff from lulu it’s always online in their “We Made Too Much” (aka sale) section. you should check that out! or not…. because it’s still dangerously expensive and the sale maxes out around 30% off

  5. Oh, I am ALL about the Lulus! I live in Vancouver, BC though, which is basically where LuluLemon was founded so it’s like the Mecca of Lulu :). The clothes ARE expensive but I visit the outlet as often as I can and they last forever. Honest – I have a pair of pants I bought seven years ago in college and they still look as good as new. And I wear them A LOT!

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