November Happenings

Hi lovelies! I hope that you all had a wonderful Halloween! Can you guys believe that it is already November? Where has the time gone?! October has been kind of a crazy month in GGG land… there have been some highs and lows and my blog has kind of gotten pushed aside. I’m really hoping that this all changes in November and in honor of a new month and season (it’s starting to feel like Fall in SF) I thought I’d do a list of things that I’m excited about in November!

1. Foodbuzz is coming to SF!

This weekend, bloggers are taking over my city for Foodbuzz fest! Since I’m not a Foodbuzz featured publisher, I can’t attend the actual event (sad) but I am very excited to see some of my favorite bloggers while they are in town! This will be my first blogger meet-up and I can’t wait to get to know these wonderful women in person, whom I already have the pleasure of knowing via our blogs.

2. Loft Event!

As a Loft Girl, I sometimes get to hold events for them from time to time and this month, I’m hosting an event in the brand new San Francisco store. Located in Embarcadero 4, this new LOFT store is going to be better than ever! The evening will be an amazing night full of shopping, cocktails and appetizers… and what could be better than that?! And don’t worry, I’ll post more details as the night gets closer!

3. Red Cup Season!

Excited about red cups even in Scotland!

Today officially marked Red Cup Season at Starbucks… which, if you ask me, should be considered a holiday. There is just something about drinking a hot beverage from a red cup that makes it feel like the holidays are here. I’ve heard rumors that they might be offering sugar free peppermind syrup this year which would basically make me more of a Starbucks devotee than I already am. Although I usually stick with Americanos, I see a Nonfat Latte with 1 pump of peppermint in my future! Yum!

4. Fall/Winter Clothes!

Elle's Fall Trend report

Now that summer is winding down in San Francisco, I’ve got my eye on coats and boots galore. Although it doesn’t get that cold here, I feel the need to dress for the occasion. I’ve been lusting after a certain pair of boots for quite sometime and now that Fall is here, I think it’s time to take the plunge! I’m also excited to stock up on some cute sweater dresses and the perfect cape!

5. Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Day Parade in NYC 2 years ago...

Christmas may be my favorite holiday, but Thanksgiving is a close second. Any excuse to spend time with my family is a winner in my book and Thanksgiving is the perfect excuse. Throw in lots of delicious special holiday foods? Well, I’m sold. I’m especially excited about stuffing- a food that I used to avoid, but now can’t seem to get enough of. My brother’s favorite is my Grandma’s corn casserole recipe that I make… and he’s already requested it!


-What November events are you excited about?

-What’s your favorite Thanksgiving food?

9 thoughts on “November Happenings

  1. Wow looks like you’re all primed up for november!! I’ve never tried a red cup drink, would you believe it. Perhaps this is the year.
    I love november because it begins the holiday season and also has my birthday which this year falls on thanksgiving once again! My favourite thanksgiving dish is def roasted veggies!! Especially brussels sprouts. So good!

  2. Oooo, foodbuzz in SF. That is awesome! I loved the travel time I had in the SF area and and dying to go back! It was just so amazing!!!! …….I am totally ready for Thanksgiving! I love all things fall now that Halloween is passed, food, family, and some hot chocolate thrown in the mix!
    Also, that Loft event sounds spectacular! 🙂 Have fun!

  3. I can’t wait till Thanksgiving!!! I’m dying for some home-cooked food. I am also looking forward to the Turkey Trot 10K (the Silicon Valley race) that goes through Downtown San Jose. It’s so much fun to run, but hopefully it will be a little warmer in the morning than it was last year! Thanksgiving foods I’m excited for? Stuffing, sweet potato casserole (SO good!!!), pie, pumpkin pie ice cream, and a little bit of everything else 🙂

    I wish Lauren and I could join in on the Foodbuzz blog-lovin, but we can’t 😦 have a blast though!!

  4. The November event that I’m most excited about is meeting YOU, of course!! Friday night can’t come soon enough!

    I had no idea that you’re a Loft girl! How neat! Did you enter the contest or were you selected an alternative way? I absolutely *love* that store, and really should remove myself from their email list because the steal deals they’re constantly offering are too great to pass up!

    I’m pretty excited about the red cups’ debut too. The festive color makes the drinks taste better. I’m sure of it. 😉

    Favorite Thanksgiving foods: roasted root vegetables and mashed potatoes!

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