Better than Before

Hi lovelies! Thank you all for your well wishes about my Grandma. I found out today that she will be released from the hospital tomorrow which is truly an answer to prayers. I continue to pray for her health and recovery and am so appreciative of all of your thoughts and prayers as well.

Tonight something amazing happened… I left work early enough to make it to dance class! Although I’ve pronounced my love for Dance Works before, I haven’t actually been to a class in quite some time. Between my crazy work schedule and them moving the class up 30 minutes earlier, I’ve found myself missing week after week. Amongst these changes, I found out tonight that they also changed the instructor. Well, anyone who takes group classes knows that the instructor makes the class and . I knew tonight was going to be a good class, when I heard the music the instructor picked…

I absolutely love musicals and while I enjoyed the other teachers modern style, it was so fun to dance to this song. I grew up performing and in dance classes, so this is definitely much more my style. Besides the fact that I was having a blast doing some sassy dance moves, I found that it was the first time all day where I wasn’t thinking about anything stressful. I think so much of our lives are spent stressed, that we almost forget what it’s like when our shoulders begin to drop and our thoughts start to clear. That is exactly what happened for me tonight and it felt amazing. I’m hoping that my schedule continues to allow me to go to this class, plus I want to learn the rest of the Roxie dance!


-What activities have work/school taken a toll on?

-What’s your favorite type of dance?

5 thoughts on “Better than Before

  1. I’m in a pretty stressful position right now and I am soooo worried that I’ll forget how to be happy. I know that sounds crazy but I don’t want to turn into a grouch and I fell that if I stay where I’m at, I’ll have no choice but to be crazy…. I need to find some outlets that help the way your dance class does. Maybe I should take up knitting 😉
    ….I love alllll kinds of dance! Have a happy Wednesday! 🙂

  2. We would be best friends in person, Emily– I LOVE musicals! I actually did Chicago a few years ago at a local community theater and I played one of the random jail girls haha

    Anyway, I’m glad you remembered how to enjoy yourself. It’s hard not get caught up in the business of life, but the important part is that we find our way back out 🙂

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