Trying New Foods

Hi lovelies! I hope that your week is going well and that you all had a wonderful weekend. Unfortunately, my Grandma was in the hospital this weekend, so I spent the weekend and today with her. But I’m thankful for all the support and prayers my family has received and we are praying for a full recovery!

Since this is primarily a healthy living blog, you guys know about a lot of my eating habits. I love my veggies and most fruits (peaches aside) but there are two foods that I just won’t usually touch- eggs and fish. But here’s the silly part… it’s not because I don’t like them. As a kid, I used to eat both of these, but my oldest brother convinced me that I should stop eating both food items. And somehow, it’s stuck ever since. It’s such a mental thing which is frustrating at times because I let that stand in the way of trying new foods. So, for the past few years I have been really trying to expand my diet.

Trying sushi for the first time in London...

Turns out, the more that I try, the more foods I find that I like! I wouldn’t say that eating sushi is my favorite thing ever, but the more I eat, the more I enjoy it. Turns out, this applies to a lot of foods! On a date also in London, the guy ordered a side of mushrooms which at the time were not one of my favorite foods and now I can’t get enough. I think that there is really something to be said to exposing yourself to different foods and just trying them.

Now that I’m trying to expand my food horizons, I find myself open to a lot more fun experiences! Like trying raw sea urchin in San Diego…

Just a littleeee nervous

Sea urchin was definitely a food that I can say that I’m glad I tried, just not necessarily one that I will go out of my way to try again. But now I know and it was a fun experience. Now, I wonder what I’ll try next…


-What foods did you used to not like that you like now?

-Any foods you are scared to try?

11 thoughts on “Trying New Foods

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your grandma. She and your family are in my prayers!

    I’ve always been an adventurous eater; in fact, when I was six, I requested that my mom start packing seaweed in my lunch box! Many of my friends were Japanese and I was jealous of the fun bento box-type lunches they’d bring to school every day. I was also the girl who stood in front of her Kindergarten class and told everyone that my favorite foods were Pad Thai and Indian dahl. :-p That said, there were always a few foods that I stuck my nose up at. Living in CA, where avocados are cheap and plentiful, we had them tossed into salad almost every night. I thought they were the most disgusting thing EVER and would dissect my greens piece by piece to ensure that no avocado was touching them before they entered my mouth. Now I LOVE avocado, and probably eat about 2-3 each week!

    There are a number of foods I’d be very scared to try, but I think I’d try them anyways!

  2. I’m sorry about your grandmother, Emily! Just keep your head high and stay strong. It sounds like she has lots of support!

    And haha you look so cute in the sea urchin picture! I’m actually pretty much the opposite– aside from red meats, I’ll pretty much try/taste anything. Even when it comes to foods I’m used to, if it isn’t the greatest I’ll still eat it on occasion for the sake of variety. Will says I’m the least pickiest eater on the planet 😉

  3. Oh no, I’m glad you’re alright and have been spending quality time with your grandmother. I’m thinking of you both.
    Gosh, you’re brave to try sea urchins and sushi! I like most things but won’t do egg yolks or raw fish. I also really dislike avocado. Aside from those things, I actually really relish trying new things! I tried vegetarian haggis in Scotland, which was actually really good. I’m a big believer in trying anything once.
    I used to not like hummus but I love it now!

  4. So sorry to hear about your grandma 😦 I hope she gets well soon.

    You are a BRAVE soul to try sea urchin…I get freaked out by how things look and won’t eat them purely based on that. Like when we order calamari, I won’t eat the bits with all the legs. Ick.

  5. I love eggs so much, I could never imagine not liking them! I used to not like guacamole, but now I love it (especially Chipotle’s… it is CRACK)!

    My sister tried to get me to order the bone marrow at Tyler Florence’s Wayfare Tavern, but I could NOT get myself to do it. Sea Urchin looks interesting!

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