Weekend Wrap-Up & Restaurant Reviews Part 1

Hi lovelies! I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend and are having a great week so far! Sorry for my absence yesterday- things at work are still busy and after a busy weekend I have been exhausted at night! But now it’s already Wednesday and I haven’t even told you about my weekend yet! Here goes…

My weekend started by picking up my best friend in Napa and heading into the city. We got stuck in some traffic, but when you haven’t seen your best friend in months, the time just flies by! As we drove into the city, we were greeted by crowds of people who came into the city for fleet week! It was fun to see so many people enjoying San Francisco on a gorgeous Saturday, but the 2.5 hours I spent trying to find parking was not so fun. When we finally found a 30 minute parking stop on Fillmore, we decided to stop in at Jane to grab lunch.

I’d never been to Jane before, but it’s prime location on Fillmore made me figure it was a good bet. Since we knew we would be loading up on carbs later at tea, we both decided to get some veggies in now. I had the Mediterranean Quinoa Salad with peppers, cucumber, herbs and tomatoes, served on lightly dress spinach and B had their mixed green salad with chicken, tomatoes and some amazing croutons. It was the perfect healthy lunch that left us feeling satisfied but not too full. I would definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for a great, healthy restaurant in Pacific Heights.

Then after a few more hours spent trying to find parking, we finally arrived at tea!  (Lesson learned: Don’t move your car on busy SF weekends!) As we walked up to Crown and Crumpet, we felt fatigued and stressed from all the hours spent in traffic but the moment we walked into the cute, cheeky British tea parlor, our spirits immediately lifted.

Tea Time!

If you think you’re seeing double in this picture, you are! By the time tea rolled around, our stomachs were growling and we opted to get two tea for ones. I had a pot of “Chai-ed and Loving It”, a black Ceylon tea seasoned with cardamom, ginger, clove and cinnamon that was absolutely delicious and perfect with a little milk and sugar. B had a pot of “Glitter and Gold” which was a tasty black tea scented with vanilla and golden sugar candies that melt, leaving a glorious shimmer in your cup, it was perfectly sweet and delicious! Though our teas were perfect, next time we can’t wait to try “Alice’s Drink Me Tea” which is a blend of black tea from China, champagne and tiny sugar crystals… an unusual combination that sounds amazing! Going to tea reminds me that I need to drink tea more regularly! I’ve always been a coffee girl but these teas were so delicious that they may have inspired me.

Hello, lover...

Now onto the food! Sadly, due to the fact that I always get full very early on at tea, I only tried about half of the food on those plates! As is proper at tea time, I started with the hot crumpet with melted butter first. Crumpets reminded both B and me of our Grandparents and how they would serve us crumpets growing up! Then it was time for my favorite part of tea: the scones! To me, there is nothing as good as a fresh scone with clotted cream and jam. Yum! These scones did not disappoint and I was happy there were two of them! Then it was time for some sandwiches! I tried the curry sandwich and some sort of tomato dill sandwich- both of which were fantastic! I love curry sandwiches at tea and even my Grandma calling them “B.O. sandwiches” has never deterred me. For the sweets, I had the toffee and the mini cupcake which were the perfect sweet end to the meal.

But no matter how good the tea and the food was, the best part was truly spending time with my best friend. There is something special that tea provides- a time where you can talk without interruption and delve into deeper discussions than you might normally avoid at a restaurant. Crown and Crumpet was perfect for this too. The atmosphere is fun and sweet and the staff lets you enjoy the tea experience without rushing you. The only interruption as the kids birthday party that was going on behind us which was truly too cute for words- the little girls sang Happy Birthday in English, Russian and Chinese… now that’s impressive!

Since this is already so long, I’m going to save Part 2 for tomorrow!


-What is/would be your favorite part of high tea: the sandwiches, scones, crumpet or sweets?

-Are you a coffee or a tea person? Or both?

-What foods did your parents/Grandparents make for you growing up?


10 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up & Restaurant Reviews Part 1

  1. This is bringing back Alice in Wonderland flashbacks for me haha. This place looks awesome! I’m pretty sure that if I were to go out for high tea, I would love tea itself, but also the sweets. Did they have a lot of teas to choose from?

    I need to find a place like this near me!

  2. Okay, as wonderful as allllll of this is, the parking stuck out at me and I just kept thinking ‘Gah, that really isn’t cool. Not cool at all.’ …..It looks like you had a wonderful time though and got to spend some awesome time with your bestie!
    —I love coffee and tea both! 🙂

  3. Oh my goodness it was SO PACKED in SF this weekend! So sorry it took FOREVER to find parking! 😦 I shell out way too much cash for a parking spot in my building, but I can honestly say that people were just creating parking spots out of no where! (I saw people “adding” spots to the diagonal spots on Fillmore by the water!)

    That being said all of those treats look so delicious!

  4. Aww this makes me crave a good afternoon tea so bad!
    My fave part of afternoon tea is actually the tea, because I am addicted to english breakfast tea and drink it at least once a day. I also love the scones. So good.

  5. Omg. A real life tea party. SO FUN.
    Tea over coffee for sure, and I don’t have any grandparents 😦 Sad day, but my sister’s grandpa used to sneak me strawberry ice cream when we weren’t allowed dessert and that was sooo cool 🙂

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