A Fashionable Weekend

Hi lovelies! I hope that you had a wonderful weekend! Did you guys watch the Emmys last night? I caught them a little late (I had no idea they started so early!) but was excited to see Julianna Margulies win for the Good Wife and Modern Family win! But of course, my favorite part is really the fashion! Some of my favorites…

Sofia Vergara…

Love the melon color with her skin tone and this gorgeous actress knows how to dress for her curves!


 Nina Dobrev…

Wow... red carpet glam personified


 and Minka Kelly

Love Minka's Dior lace dress and so on-trend for Fall!

Fashion also played a role in my weekend because on Friday, I went with the girls to a Sample Sale event. My friend Katie and I met up on the Embarcadero and began looking for a cab to take us up the Marina. When we couldn’t find one, a young pedi cab driver came up to us and asked if we wanted a ride. I declined because usually they are very expensive not to mention going up to the Marina involves at least one very large hill! Well he was really nice and said he would take us for whatever we wanted to pay, so we went on a little adventure.

Turns out, it was a really fun experience! From the Marina we walked over to Fort Mason where the event was held and stumbled upon something miraculous…

Off the Grid is a weekly event held at Fort Mason where tons of food trucks and small vendors come together on Friday nights for an eating extravaganza! Though we were all ready to go to the shopping event, we decided to make a little pit stop first. We were tempted by quite a few vendors but eventually decided on something that none of us had ever had… Peruvian food!

We ate at the Sanguchon Peruvian Food Truck and opted for sandwiches. We expected appetizer portions but these were so huge they ended up being out dinner! The girls went for their specialty-Pan con Chicharron but since I don’t eat pork, I went for the chicken sandwich that had rice and potatoes in it with a delicious sauce. It was messy but oh so good. After our fingers became numb from the cold, we decided it was time to go into the event.

Unfortunately, the event itself was kind a of a let down. The vendors were selling things that we just didn’t care to buy. But since they were doing free hair and make up, we thought why not and got our hair done for the night.

Curls, curls and more curls...

Though none of us were too excited with our “new looks,” we still had a fun time together. When you are with a good group of girls, even those nights that are kind of a bust still turn out fun!


-What was your favorite Emmys dress?

-Have you ever had Peruvian food? Or eaten at a food truck?

(Also, apologies if all of my pictures aren’t showing up… it seems that wordpress is being finicky, but if you reload the page, hopefully they will all appear!)


7 thoughts on “A Fashionable Weekend

  1. I love color–especially reds and pinks–so I absolutely adored the dresses worn by Sofia Vergara, Lea Michele and Nina Dobrev! I thought Kate Winslet (love her) looked stunning too, but wasn’t a huge fan of the sleeves. 🙂

    It looks like you had a fun Friday evening with the girls! Talk about a pedi-cab steal of a deal. 🙂 And those gigantic sandwiches look delicious! I’ve tried a few Peruvian dishes, but would love to get the real deal IN Peru sometime. (Macchu Picchu (sp?) is on my bucket list of places to visit!).

    Love the ringlets! It may not be the look you’d want for a typical night on the town, but that’s what makes it more fun, don’t you think?!

    p.s. I may have mentioned this, but I’m coming to SF for the Foodbuzz Festival and would love to meet up with you! It’s also my birthday weekend, so I’m going to try to organize a little outing on Friday the 4th or Saturday the 5th. If you’re free that weekend, you better join me! xoxoxo ❤

  2. Loved Nina Dobrev’s dress! Off the Grid is a great event. But you have to go hungry or you can’t try all the delicious treats. Those sandwiches are definitely bigger than the portions I got from other trucks there!

    I like the curls.

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