GGG Book Club: Then Came You


Hi lovelies! I hope that you all had a great Monday! Did anyone else catch the Bachelor Pad? I don’t want to reveal spoilers but if you have, let’s discuss via twitter!

Now it’s time for book club! Although I was an English minor and love Shakespeare, I also happen to love chick lit. There is something to be said for books that make you genuinely smile while reading them and desperate to pick up the book to find what happened to your romantic heroine. One of my favorite Chick Lit authors is Jennifer Weiner. She’s written many novels but some of my favorites were The Guy Not Taken, Best Friends Forever and Fly Away Home. So when I found out that she was coming out with a new book I immediately put it on my Kindle wish list.


Then Came You tells the story of four different women who lead very separate lives. Jules Strauss is a Princeton senior who believes she has a chance of saving her father by donating her “pedigree eggs.” Annie Barrow is a young married mother of two who has grown frustrated with not having enough to provide for her family and finally thinks of a solution that could make things better. India Bishop has changed everything about herself so she can obtain the ultimate goal- landing a man that will take care of her. Bettina Croft is a junior appraiser at an impressive auction house that has all the money she could ever want someday… but is that enough?


This was a book that I really wanted to love. I stuck with it the whole way through but never felt as into it as I had her other books. Although I enjoyed the story, I had a problem with the actual characters. Having four different female narrators felt confusing at times and hard to follow along. Also, the characters had substance but I didn’t find myself rooting for any of them and when you aren’t invested in the characters, it’s hard to truly get into the book. But despite my lack of connection with the characters, I did find myself enjoying the book towards the end and looking forward to the plot’s resolution.

Rating: (Out of 5 Lipsticks)


-Have you read Then Came You or any other Jennifer Weiner books?

-Do you like Chick Lit? Favorite authors?

-What characters in books do you connect best with?


One thought on “GGG Book Club: Then Came You

  1. I totally know what you are talking about, you have to root for the characters to become invested in a story! It is so hard when it is a book you want to like but it just doesn’t get you excited like it should.
    I am starting ‘The Help’ right now! Heard so many great reviews I need to pick it up!

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