Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Hi lovelies! I hope that you all had a great weekend. I know this weekend was hard for a lot of people out there due to the 10 year anniversary of 9/11. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who was and is affected by that terrible tragedy.

As I mentioned, I went to my very first Giant’s Game on Friday! Right after work, I met up with the girls and we all headed over to Pete’s Tavern for some pre-game drinks! For a refreshing drink my friend suggested we order a John Daly- a combination of sweet tea vodka and lemonade. These were delicious and the perfect start to the evening.

Then when it got close to game time, we headed over to AT&T Park. It was definitely a cold night in San Francisco and I, after much debate (I brought 3 coats to work to choose from) ended up in my wool peacoat which ended up being the perfect decision as it kept me warm all night. As we headed up the ramps, excited for this experience, I knew it was going to be a good night. But what I didn’t know was what a gorgeous view there is from the ballpark.

Before heading inside to the game (which had already started… oops) we decided that we needed to get some dinner. As we walked through the stands I began to realize that deciding what to eat was not going to be so easy. I passed lots of french fries, hotdogs and hamburgers but could not find anything that seemed remotely healthy. Then at one stand I spotted it, a lone garden burger. After standing in line I was served a veggie patty on a bun with the smallest piece of iceberg lettuce I have ever seen. Definitely unlike the last veggie burger I had but after I covered it in bbq sauce it was actually pretty decent. But it got me thinking about the lack of healthy options at sporting events. Although I understand that people want to eat the traditional “game” food, I think there are a lot of people out there that would prefer the healthier options and it would be nice if they catered to that as well.

Then it was time to head into the game. I have to admit, the amount of time that I spent actually watching the game was pretty minimal. But it was so fun to be in the stands with so many others enjoying a chilly night in San Francisco. Between balancing our food and drinks on our seats to chatting to all of our friends around us, it was just the perfect experience. And as for the game? Well, we lost, but the night couldn’t have been better with my girls.


-Have you noticed the lack of healthy options at sporting events? Where else do you find this problem?

-What did you do this weekend?


10 thoughts on “Take Me Out to the Ballgame

  1. What a fun night! AT&T Park is an amazing place to watch a game–you can’t beat the views! And your pre-game drink, the John Daly, sounds fun and refreshing!

    I’ve never understood why sports venues don’t offer more healthy options…It seems like they could sell crowd-pleasers like burritos or tacos that at least offer some nutritional punch. I usually try to bring healthy snacks along with me, so that I’m not tempted to order nachos. However, I LOVE ordering peanuts in the shell because they scream baseball. As do Cracker Jack’s! ;-p

  2. You just had the perfect evening, didn’t you! …I have only been to one major sporting event. While I was there, the saving grace I had tucked away in my purse AKA-emergency protein bar, saved me…… Oh goodness, before I went to San Francisco I had no idea that it gets downright cold! Sure enough, I froze my buns off! …… Glad you had a fun night out with the girls!!!

  3. It looks like you had a great time with your friends, and I can completely relate on the whole “going to sporting events and not even watching” thing haha. I’m actually well known for doing this during college football games, but hey– can you blame me? When you’re with good company it’s hard to pay attention!

  4. You girls look so cute! There is definitely a lack of healthy foods but I just try and eat healthy earlier in the day so it all balances out…. actually, last time I was at the Giants game, I brought some homemade oatmeal. My friends might have thought it was strange, but it was a way to save some $$ and still have a healthy meal. But of course the time before that I scarfed down nachos and a hot dog 🙂 hehe… there aren’t too many healthy options when I go visit family in Effingham, IL. Nobody likes salad there. Or at least salad without mayo. Ick.

  5. Love that bridge photo!

    I have noticed the lack of healthy options—but when I’m at a ball game, I usually roll with it and enjoy a hot dog and nachos. 🙂

    I spent the weekend roaming around Canada–beautiful!

  6. Being a baseball loving girl over here I’m with you. Very few stadiums I’ve been to had healthy options. As a rule of thumb I generally bring my own home made meal or buy something before coming into the game. I love games but wish they would get on the healthy train! I will admit though when people I’m with get garlic fries at the Giants Stadium I do have to steal some. They are so good!

  7. Yes! Healthy food at games is SO hard to come by! Honestly, I usually eat something unhealthy while I’m there, just because I have the motto “when in Rome.” I’ll usually get something like a chicken sausage though, so it’s not horrible fattening.

  8. I LOVE GARLIC FRIES….haha! love the post and your pics! I need to put my pics up! Cutest blog everrrrrrr! Not sure I’m going to make book club (didn’t read the book) but we should do something again soon! I just have so much fun with you! 🙂

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