Fave 5 Friday

Hi lovelies! Woohoo, it’s Friday! Although this has been a short week, it’s been a busy one, so I’m happy it’s officially the weekend. Today it’s time for another Fave 5 Friday post! If you are missing your dose of Take 5, head over to Nourish and Flourish to read about the amazing WeFeedBack program. And now for 5 things I’m loving this week…

1. My First Giants Game!

Tonight I am going to my very first Giants game! I’ve actually never been to a major league baseball game before so this will be a new experience for me. In the past, I’ve always looked at sporting events as an opportunity to socialize but now… well, let’s face it, that’s exactly what I’m looking at tonight as too. I am however, excited to take part in some SF pride, cheer on our home team and hopefully go out after to celebrate a victory!

2. Starbucks Iced Passion Tea!


My mom got me started on the iced passion tea from Starbucks and I can officially say that I am hooked! I know these have been around for a while but I’m just now jumping on board because I’ve never been much a tea drinker. These however, were a game changer and remind me of how when I first tried tart yogurt I didn’t like it but the more I had it, the more I grew addicted to it! Same goes for the tea! My summer go-to drink is a venti iced unsweetened passion tea with 2 Splenda for the perfect sweet/tart combination!

3. Revlon Top Speed Nail Polish!

I know this looks awkward... it was my attempt at making the polishes look pretty?

I tend to paint my nails right after I finish blogging at around 12 am., that way, I can ensure that my nails will not be chipped by the next day. But sometimes, I fall asleep before they are completely dry and the dreaded sheet marks on the nails occurs. After a few too many times of waking up with smudged nails, I decided to branch out my polish choices and fell in love with Revlon Top speed polishes. Not only are they cheaper than most other brands (under $4) but they have fun colors and most importantly, dry quickly. I love the Sheer Cotton, a white-ish pink and Jaded, a seafoam green.

4. Fashion’s Night Out!

Last night I attended San Francisco’s Fashion’s Night Out with a few new girlfriends! This event was started by Vogue a few years back to boost the economy by getting people back to the stores to go shopping! It has now transformed into a fashion filled night with stores offering amazing perks and promotions. The girls and I hit a bunch of stores, sipped some free champagne and even got the chance to meet some fashion bloggers like Blair from Atlantic Pacific and Anh from 9 to 5 Chic. Both women were not only gorgeous and stylish but they were so sweet and fun to talk to. It was such a wonderful night and I had so much fun with my new friends!

5. Bloggers Enjoying Rest Days!


This week alone, I talked about needing rest days and so did Clare and Brittany!  I think that sometimes our community gets a bad wrap when it comes to appropriate exercise levels so I think it’s wonderful to see so many bloggers speaking out to validate that rest days are good for your and important. Sometimes, no matter what you want to do, listening to your body is what you need to do and I’m proud of us all for making such good decisions!


-What’s your favorite part of a sporting event?

-Did you attend FNO last night?

-What’s your favorite nail polish color?


9 thoughts on “Fave 5 Friday

  1. Thanks for the shout out, Emily! I was so excited when I saw your post on taking rest days because I had just talked about the topic the night before myself. I agree– being a healthy living blogger automatically comes with a “standard” that we are always on our exercise A game, when in reality part of being a healthy person is knowing when to take a day off!

    Oh and as for the passion tea.. mmmmmmmmmmmmm 😀

  2. What a fun night!! …Out with some fashion talk with the girls! What could be better?!?
    Your nail color is *SUPER* cute and I totally need to check into this fast drying thing! I never have enough patience to sit and wait for them to dry.
    Sporting events = one good time. It is the whole atmosphere! The friends, the game, the fun, the food, the total experience is just an all around good time! Cheer hard, it makes all the difference 😉

  3. Favorite sporting event has to be Hockey!! YEAHHHH SHARKS!!! Kyle’s going to the Giants game tonight! You two are lucky… I’ve never been to a game where Lincecum pitched! Have fun!!

    Fave nail polish color is one I picked up from Nordstrom Rack – it’s OPI and it’s super sparkly. I used it in vegas 🙂 and have been reapplying it because I don’t want to let the glitter feeling go haha

  4. loooove passion iced tea!! It’s my go-to summer drink! delish. I’m wearing this nail polish I just bought… called Flirt by Sally Hansen. I got it because it was cheap… but I love the color!!! It’s like a really dark burgundy color.

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