Celebrating the Little Things + GIVEAWAY WINNERS

I’ve always been one to celebrate the little moments in life. I figure why not spend time enjoying happy moments whenever you can? There are too many things in this world that can bring us down so I think we all owe it to ourselves to revel in the great moments, ordinary as they may seem. So what am I celebrating you ask?

This is my 50th blog post! This might seem small to the more experienced bloggers out there but I’m really proud of my first blogging milestone! It’s hard to believe that after only 50 posts I feel so involved with this amazing community and have gotten to know so many wonderful people! Now if that’s not something to celebrate, I don’t know what is! 😉

And what better way to celebrate than to announce the winners of my first giveaway? As determined by random.org, they are…

Congratulations Brittney, Lee and Brittany! Please email me at glitzglamgranola@gmail.com with your address and I will send out your goodies this weekend!

Now it’s time for another restaurant review! Last week my friend and I went to dinner at Gamine in the Marina. Gamine is a very small French restaurant (there are only about 7-10 tables) on Union street that truly makes you feel like you are in France. Dimly lit (which explains why none of pictures turned out) and intimate plus a delicious menu make this ideal for catching up with a friend or date.


We started our meal with glasses of white wine instead of an appetizer, but if I had not been doing my dairy free experiment, we would have definitely split the baked cambozola with roasted garlic and toast points. For her entree, my friend chose the grilled pork chop with apple cider mustard sauce and sautéed brussel sprouts. She said that it was really good but not fantastic and since I don’t eat pork, I can’t add my two cents. I decided to go for the veggie burger with goat cheese (lactose free!) served on a french roll. Oh my gosh, this was AMAZING! I thought I had already found San Francisco’s best veggie burger but this might be worthy competition. Unlike other veggie burgers, this was not in patty form and instead almost resembled ratatouille combined with goat cheese. My friend tasted it and agreed it was incredible and the woman seated next to us who asked for a recommendation was similarly blown away when hers arrived. All in all, it was a delicious meal and will definitely go back soon!


-Do you celebrate the little things?

-Do you like French food? Any favorites?

8 thoughts on “Celebrating the Little Things + GIVEAWAY WINNERS

  1. Yay 50 posts! 🙂 Congrats girlie! I do celebrate the little things, it makes life all around better! Plus, I’m just that kind of an excited person! ….Mmmm, that French place sounds great! I want to go somewhere that makes me feel like I’m in France, even if it’s just for an hour!

  2. Congrats on the big 5-0. We totally love your blog and can’t wait to read more 🙂

    I haven’t had a lot of french cuisine (most of it is french/XXXX fusion – chinese/japanese/cajun/etc). People may think it’s gross but one of my favorite french foods is foie gras…. And the foie gras at Wayfare Tavern in SF is stupendous!

  3. Congrats girl–that’s an awesome milestone!! I’m not there yet but i know what an accomplishment it is—blogging is hard work!

    Love that top photo, by the way!

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