Mamma Chia Review + GIVEAWAY!

Hi lovelies! Happy Wednesday! Thank you for all your great comments on my post about going dairy free. Today I have a special foodie finds post to tell you about… Mamma Chia drinks!

A few weeks ago, when I went to Whole Foods to grab lunch, I saw someone giving out samples of Mamma Chia to try. Never one to pass up free samples, I immediately walked over to the table and started trying some of the flavors. This stuff is delicious! It comes in four flavors: Cherry Lime, Raspberry Passion, Blackberry Hibiscus and my personal favorite, Cranberry Lemonade.

The drink is lightly sweetened and is the perfect consistency. Also, as someone who takes her vitamins in gummy form (hey, they’re adult gummy vitamins) I have a hard time getting Omega-3s in my diet. Mamma Chia totally takes care of that and each bottle has 2000 mg Omega-3 plus 10 grams of fiber and 4 grams of protein for only 110 calories! Plus this gluten-free, vegan drink is naturally energizing and is perfect before a workout or during that dreaded 3-pm work slump.

Want to try the chia goodness for yourself? Enter my giveaway! THREE winners will receive 2 VIP coupons for free Mamma Chia drinks (sold here) and 3 coupons for future purchases. And to sweeten the deal even more, I’ll be throwing in some of my favorite foodie finds in a care package for the winner.

How to Enter:

1. Leave a comment telling me which flavor you would like to try.

For Additional Entries:

(Please leave a separate comment below for each additional entry!)

1. Like Mamma Chia on Facebook

2. Follow me on twitter and tweet “Hoping to win some @Mammachia1 from @EmilyatGGG first #giveaway!”

Giveaway winners will be announced next Monday, September 5th!

44 thoughts on “Mamma Chia Review + GIVEAWAY!

  1. I would love to try the blackberry hibiscus! well because I’m obsessed with blackberries, and would love to find out what hibiscus tastes like!

  2. I would like to try cherry lime cause i love the sweetness of cherries and i think the lime gives it the zing to make it a success.
    I want to try raspberry passion cause i have a passion for raspberries and it sounds absolutely delicious.
    I want to try blackberry hibiscus cause i do love blackberries to and ive never heard of it before sounds very interesting.
    And last i want to try cranberry lemonade because cranberries not only taste good but they are good for you and just thinking about the lemonade makes my mouth water.
    thanks for your time and good day.

  3. I would love to try all of the flavors especially the Blackberry Hibiscus. The closest store to me that carries Mamma Chia is 40 miles away, so I’m not lucky to have these at my convenience:( Thank you!

  4. I live in Denver and have fallen in love with the blackberry hibiscus over the summer… I recently went back to whole foods in capitol hill where I live to find they weren’t carrying it anymore?? They said I would have to settle for the synergy brand chia seeds, which was a horrible knock off! I prefer your brand! What do I do!!?

  5. This sounds fabulous! Chia seeds are one of my favorites and I’m very interested in this “drink”. I add chia to everything from smoothies to eggs. I would love to try the raspberry flavor! And I liked them on Facebook…about to Tweet this post. Thanks for sharing!

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