The Grapevine

Hi Lovelies!

Happy Wednesday! I hope that you all are having a great day so far and are celebrating that we are halfway through the week! If you in the SF area, then you also have something else to celebrate… SUN! After a summer of staying inside with my space heater on, I’m so happy that sun has decided to make an appearance in the city! Fingers crossed that it stays here for a while!

Last night I was able to leave work on time and made it to my favorite class, Dance Works! Most of us were regulars tonight so the teacher definitely upped the difficulty level which I really enjoyed. The class was lovely as always, but tonight, there was one move I couldn’t master: the grapevine. Remember that simple, cross behind, cross in front move that you learned in elementary school?

(Edited to Add: If the above video won’t load for you, you can see it here.)

Have you ever thought of the grapevine as a hip hop move? Ya, me either. So here’s the thing, I usually consider myself a pretty good dancer, but for some reason when the teacher modified this very simple move with some complicated arms, sashays and spins, I could not seem to master the combination. Knowing that I was having trouble made me feel embarrassed as everyone in the room watched me attempt the routine across the floor. Finally, with some color in my cheeks, I remembered something that my yoga teacher said on Monday night:

“We call this a practice for a reason- there is no judgment here. Some days will be better than others and that is OK”

Hearing that really got me thinking about how often we hold ourselves to such high standards that we don’t give ourselves wiggle room- and let’s face it, some days you will wiggle in tree pose! Sometimes that workout will be harder than it was the day before and rather than question why that is the case, it’s better to just accept it. Tomorrow is a new day and a new opportunity to try again. And the best part? Once I stopped worrying about what everyone else thought of my continued screw ups, I began was able to complete the routine successfully! All of the stress I was putting into my own performance was making me trip up myself. Was it perfect? Hardly! But I’ll tomorrow is another day to try again!


-Do you get frustrated when a workout is harder than usual or you don’t meet performance goals?


15 thoughts on “The Grapevine

  1. I didn’t know that you were a dancer! 🙂 I used to dance when I was an itty bitty baby (ages 3-9) but haven’t done it in quite some time. Well, unless you count my current salsa class haha

    I try my best not to get upset when I dont meet my own goals or expectations– A positive attitude is key. It’s good to remind yourself that you arent always going to be perfect at everything!

  2. I used to be a dancer and I would get really frustrated when I couldn’t get the right steps…. I’d end up going home and practicing until I got it right. Probably a wasted effort but I always felt accomplished when I figured it out!

  3. I definitely get frustrated, especially if it’s supposed to be an easy workout (like running 3 miles instead of 6). I guess I just have to accept that some days I’m just “off”! I think the worst is when off days happen several days in a row and it’s turning into a full-blown funk.

  4. I’m definitely known to get frustrated if I think it’s supposed to be an easy workout day. I tried Zumba last weekend and walked out totally down because I looked like a uncoordinated mess. You have some great advice that I sure need to follow. There are just some days that aren’t going to be great and tomorrow is another chance to try again. Maybe I should give Zumba another shot.

    And I’m so excited for sun in SF. I went for a run last night and it was gorgeous. This weekend is supposed to be warm and sunny. Almost unheard of. 🙂

    • Zumba can def be intimidating your first time! I think that you really have to have the right teacher who is skilled in describing the moves rather than one who just wants to “shake it” lol. Maybe give it another try with a different teacher?

  5. The only classes I take are yoga, so I don’t really mind when I can’t get a pose since my teachers tell me the same thing as yours. ; )

    I’m home sick today though and I’m sad I’ll be missing my Wednesday yoga class. We were getting a new teacher today too and I wanted to meet her. I guess I’ll have to wait until next Wednesday. : (

  6. Great topic! I never give myself any wiggle room. It’s true. Getting in the mindset of acceptance is really hard, considering we are taught to push ourselves all the time…. Things like this make me *really* like your blog…. YAY! for the sun in SF, I couldn’t believe all the fog I encountered on my short trip!

  7. I remember doing the grapevine in gym class. Maybe I should rephrase that…I remember crossing my legs every which way and moving sideways in gym class. Yeah, that’s a little more accurate. I totally feel you girl!! I have been blessed with ZERO rhythm. Anywhoo, I was tagged in that 7 link challenge that’s been going around and I was going to link you in there tomorrow, hope you’re in!!

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