I LOVE New York

Hi Lovelies! I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend! Sorry for my absence but as you know, I was in New York last week and didn’t bring my computer. Now that I’m back and a little more settled (though I still haven’t unpacked my suitcase) I wanted to check in! I’ll be back with a more health-related post on Tuesday, but for now I wanted to share with you a few pictures from my AMAZING trip!

My amazing hotel room

I was lucky enough to stay at the gorgeous InterContinental hotel in New York. As you can see, I had a beautiful room and the perfect setting for coffee overlooking the city. It was just incredible.

Dinner with my friend Michelle

While I was in NY I was able to meet up with my good friend Michelle! We studied abroad together in London and it has been years since I’ve seen her! We went to dinner at Blockheads and got to sit outside for hours and catch up over some delicious Mexican food. The food was great but the real star were the drinks. I had the Black Flower, a blended margarita mixed with sangria… Yum. This might be my new official fave drink!

Close to midnight on a Monday and Times Square was buzzing!

Although I love San Francisco, there is something special about New York that is unlike any other city in the world. There is a certain undeniable energy that I just love and it truly does feel like the city that never sleeps! I loved taking a midnight stroll in the warm weather (in SF jackets are always required at night!) and seeing that everyone else was out enjoying the city too.

My favorite store

While in NY, I had to stop by one of my favorite stores… Topshop! I started shopping at Topshop in London and fell in love. It kind of reminds me of Zara, but with a decidedly more British style. I did a little shopping and will show my purchases soon but let’s just say it was hard to have self-control in this multi-story store!

All in all, it was an absolutely amazing trip and one that I will never forget! I’m feeling a little sad (ok, totally bummed) that it is now over but feel so lucky that I got to have such a great experience!


-What’s your favorite city in the world? Tell me about why you love it!


4 thoughts on “I LOVE New York

  1. Looks like a GREAT trip!

    Aside from SF (I just love Northern California!), London and Boston are both tied for 2nd favorite city! My extended family hails from Boston and I studied abroad in London and I LOVE those cities!

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