Please No Peaches

Hi lovelies! I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend! Mine was the perfect mix of fun and relaxation. I feel like when you are going, going, going all the time, you need to plan breaks so that you can enjoy the busy times.

One of the fun things that I did this weekend was go out to a bar called Lion’s Pub in the city. It’s a great bar in Pac Heights that is known for making cocktails with a variety of fresh fruit. After looking at their extensive and creative menu it was hard to choose and the bartender suggested that I name some fruit that I like and a type of alcohol and he would come up with a drink for me. Well this sounded fun and different so I told him that I like berries and vodka/rum/gin. The next thing I know, he’s delivering me a drink and proudly announces that it is full of fresh peaches and gin.

For most people this would have been fine, but peaches are the one fruit that I absolutely cannot stand. I have always hated them but in high school my boyfriend was determined to make me like them, so he served me a bowl of slippery peaches out of a can (and yes I gagged a little even writing that.) I consumed a few peach slices and then proceeded to throw up. On his front lawn. In front of his mother. I shudder just thinking of the experience. And for fear of it happening again, I haven’t touched anything peach flavored since. In fact, I will even go to the effort of picking all the peach gummy multi-vitamins out of the container so that I don’t accidentally eat one.

Clearly this baby and I have something in common...


As you can tell, I clearly have issues with peaches and was mortified when the bartender brought me this drink. I tried to kindly explain that I was so sorry but that I just didn’t like peaches but luckily my friend swooped in and said she’d trade with me.

Well just when I thought peaches were out of my system, I encountered them again at brunch on Sunday morning. My friend and I went to The Tipsy Pig and had a fabulous meal and time together. Everything on their menu looked amazing but I finally decided on the Belgian “Vanilla Bean” waffle with house made strawberry compote and whipped maple pecan butter. So you can imagine my surprise when my waffle was delivered and was covered in chopped up peaches. Immediately my friend and I started laughing at the new apparent theme of the weekend. But thankfully, I was able to scrape them off and drench my waffle in syrup to drown out the peaches taste and it ended up being a wonderful meal. All in all, it was a wonderful weekend, but I must admit that I’m looking forward to peach season being over…


-Are there any foods that you can’t stand?

-Any embarrassing food stories like mine?

6 thoughts on “Please No Peaches

  1. You’ve tried fresh peaches though, right!? The ones from a can don’t even compare!

    A food that I absolutely cannot stand is any kind of raw tuna. It’s one of those things that I’ve always wanted to like, but really cannot get over the texture 😦

  2. This is hysterical and I love it. And I want to try that waffle at Tipsy!

    I too cannot STAND raw tunafish (in a can, I’m good with ahi!) – I hate the smell, the look of it, everything! Ketchup too. If it touches ANYTHING that I’m eating I can’t finish it… it just repulses me, I don’t know why!

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