Together We Can Do Anything

Hi Lovelies!

I hope that you all are having a great week so far and are excited about the upcoming weekend! In honor of it, I’ll even let you in on a little secret of mine… Every Friday, I like to dance around my house singing “It’s Friday, Friday, Friday… yesterday was Thursday, tomorrow is Saturday…” And that’s as far as it goes. It’s not that I actually like that song, nor do I know all the words, but it is a little silly ritual that must be done.

Today I want to talk about something that has been on my heart lately- supporting each other! I think that one of the great things about healthy living bloggers is the sense of community between us and that we all generally seem to support each other. This was shown in spades by the results of The Great Fundraising Act and the $26,432 that was raised!


The fact that so many people wanted to support Susan is truly incredible and inspiring. It got me thinking about all the good that we can do if we work together. I think that too often the world places too much emphasis on bad things going on in the world and not enough about the wonderful efforts that are being done to combat them. This week’s example really got me thinking that if we, a healthy living community could raise this much money, think of all the wonderful other things that we could do? I think we’re all familiar with this quote, but it’s one of my favorites and so, so true:

We can all make a difference and sometimes it is the small things that make the biggest difference of all. Monetarily, there are great organizations like Toms and Project 7 to support that allow you to do good while shopping!

If volunteering is more your style, soup kitchens and homeless shelters are always looking for volunteers! One of my most mind broadening times was when I volunteered at a homeless shelter in LA. I couldn’t believe how many people had become homeless due to the recession and used to hold white collar jobs. They had gone from nice homes and powerful careers to hoping that their holey pair of socks would stay dry in the rain. Talk about a reality check. As much as I love shopping and fashion, I knew that I would much rather these people had clean clothes and a roof over their heads.

But you don’t have to start an organization or give money or even give your time if that’s not realistic. All you have to do is do something. A kind smile or giving your leftovers to the man on the street corner or donating the clothes that just sit in the back of your closet are all things that could mean the world to someone. So let’s get out there and do it, because together we can make a difference!


-What are some causes that you are passionate about?

-What little things could you do to make a difference?

-Did you participate in The Great Fundraising Act?


5 thoughts on “Together We Can Do Anything

  1. What an awesome post 🙂 I agree 100%– it’s SO important to serve others and not for purely ourselves. Many people in society today are self- centered and only care about their own happiness. If each of us made more of an effort to “make a difference”, the world would be so much more beautiful.

    I’m very passionate about the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society cause. I did my marathon with Team in Training and fundraised $2900 in the process, so they will always have a special place in my heart.

  2. Nail on the head! …..Why is it hard to take those baby steps? All the baby steps add up and make a HUGE difference! I do a lot of donating through my church and give a lot of love to kids at school because a lot of them don’t get it at home… I should ‘adopt’ a child through our church. That would be a great step for me. I want to see change, I need to BE change!

  3. I love this post! I think we underestimate the power we have to influence others’ lives. Whether it be volunteering for a cause we’re passionate about, donating to a charity or organization, or acknowledging a struggling person on the street, we truly do leave an impression in this world! In high school I spent every Monday evening cooking meals and serving them at a local soup kitchen. Initially it started as a requirement for a 9th grade class, but I kept going back because I fell in love with the community! I learned SO much just by interacting with the new friends I was serving.

    Next week I’m going to start volunteering as a chef instructor for a kids cooking program organized by the Food Bank. The goal of the program is to teach low-income children about healthy eating. I’m so excited!

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